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Some Clone Questions

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I have a few questions about cloning. Im asking these questions because they are the opposite of what Ive been told when I Started.

Can you Clone a Plant that is in Flower? As far as I know, you can but its not advised as they dont have a high success rate and its under too much stress.
BUT Ive recently been reading people advise to take a cutting in Flower, this will apparently cause Very bushy and rapid growth of this plant when the root takes compared to a clone that was taken in Veg?

Can you start a seedling or cutting outdoors and move it indoors when you are ready? If so what are the risks? and if Not why not?


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You can clone flowering plants, they will not necessarily grow faster, but they will have busy growth. Do some research about monster cropping. It can place them under stress, but I haven't had any issues in Cloning flowering plants.

Next, outdoor to indoor, I don't like the idea, but it can be done. The outside pots have all kinds of bug exposure, laying eggs on the plants and on the soil, which may spread to the other indoor plants.

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Shot for the Reply @Trailblazer420, Yeah thats exactly why Im asking about it, I was reading up on Monster cropping earlier this morning and figured Id confirm here first as Ive read some crap online many times before 😀 


Thats makes sense. I was hoping I could start some new ones now while my Flower finishes over the next couple of weeks as I have no additional space indoor.

Anyhow thanks for the response. Now back to the drawing board.

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