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  1. first sign of spider mites are the white dots on the leaves. They dont actually eat holes into the leaves as far as I have seen... I battle them each season...
  2. My daughter is a bit young to start educating, but I have educated my entire family and wifes family. I supply oil to most of them and all recognise the amazing medical benefits of it and cannot deny the successful treatment of people who use it. Every morning however, I take my daughter to say good morning to my plants, a little inspection and a wave and a kiss good bye. Im hoping this firstly combats the problem of her trying to pull them out of their pots or pull their leaves off, and secondly in the run up to her communicating and learning, I want her to think of the plants as living things needing to be cared for. As long as I continue to show her that cannabis usage does not look like the bullshitty media/propoganda driven image that is stereotyped, then there should be no reason for her to grow up with a certain thought prejudice and hopefully she can correct misinformation herself if she comes by it. Im hoping that when this time comes, the laws will have been relaxed in most places globally and there wont be any issues if she had to raise the topic. You can be fit, healthy, successful, happy, clean and mentally strong while still using cannabis and it doesnt have to prevent you from doing anything. One must always be responsible.. something my parents drummed into me and it still sticks today, in everything i do and experiment with.
  3. Im growing some Pachamama autos... rather just stay clear to be honest. Not impressed with the genes. The deimos (northern lights) feels more like a photo period, infact I think it is, only started flowering when I forced it into 12/12. The haze grow like fkn weed, literally, long, massive internodes with small flowers on each now. Who knows when its fully grown, but Im not expecting much. 2 of the 3 deimos never popped and lots of others report the same, lots of germination issues (and this was from the legit agents, not the ones sending out kak beans before they all got shut down).
  4. Yes legit, ordered twice already. They are kak busy atm, orders seem to be doubling month on month especially since the latest court judgement. You can link up with the owner on the facebook page if needed. Any feed back on germ rate please? Getting 100% germ rate on my amnesia kush & royale haze. My soil mix was off so I lost 2 of 4 amnesia kush. Nursing them back to health in proper growing medium. Sent from my SM-N910C using Tapatalk Popped two of my California Hash Plant seeds. Both came up strong in 3 days. From cannabisseeds. :-loveit Hi I am not impressed with cannabisseeds.co.za. I placed an order on the 10th of July it is now the 1st of August and I'm still waiting for my order :-( Have you chatted to them about this? Possible lack of stock maybe... They have a facebook group you can message on and they generally quick to respond.
  5. I just topped up again, will take another reading.
  6. the logic is that freezing the butane causes it to liquify, which takes up more space within the can compared to the gas. You have some butane in gas form, and some in liquid form and together this can cause a rupture or a leak. This will cause butane to leak out and potentially find an ignition sources and well the rest is sort of self explanatory. Colder the temps, the more chance this can occur. there are benefits to freezing the butane, but probably not the best idea in the freezer anyway. Honestly though the butane comes out cold enough I think, but if using an open blast then you definitely want it as cold as possible.
  7. Spose you could do that, then take it out, filter it again... Might kill two birds with one stone like that, wont need to winterize afterwards perhaps. Just remember to purge well...
  8. Nice one. Stainless steel filters are the best and cable ties work, but dont try cut them off. Use a pointy tool and just losen the stop of the tie and itll come lose. Ive ordered a DabLabz closed column extractor, should be arriving tomorrow. Look pretty decent and for 10-15g. Local setup in JNB, check em out on facebook if you interested in a closed column rather than an open blast column which ultimately wastes... Im not expert at BHO, but the longer you can expose the terps to the butane, the more you may get out, and more of a variety as well. So closed is ideal, and in fact a closed loop system is the best. remember you need to purge the BHO quite well, ideally with a vacuum purge, to make sure you have absolutely all impurities and butane removed. You could do this over time double boiling the wax until you are sure no butane remains.
  9. Surv0

    new dual arc

    Maybe try fabric pots next time or perhaps you could even transplant those into fabric pots. Ive got this in mind for change of season, specifically my outdoor plants. Im moving these pots around quite a bit and not 100% sure on the rigidity/stability of the fabric pots. got a buddy working on a frame system for them which will help quite a bit and give it nice stability but yeah not so sure just yet. Ill stick with the current pots for this grow but look to transplant into fabric for the next beans Ive put down.
  10. Surv0

    new dual arc

    Will grab a new pic, but the issue wasnt a UV burn at all. Seems to be PH related and keeps coming up when the soil temp drops and is made worse by plants with a root system that hasnt taken over the pot. Stagnant soil, high PH, resulting in issues. My flowering plants came out of those problems themselves but the roots have taken over those pots completely. I still have the issue on two plants (have been problems from day 1) but they are pushing into flower now. Ive made a new soil which balances the PH nicely, but the temps arent helping at the moment. Slow evaporation, im only watering like once every 4 to 5 days.. and I think this isnt helping.. cant really water more frequently than that, soil isnt dry enough. Bring on summer...
  11. geez theyve gotten strict. That said though, guys would rock up with a million containers and their family to form a supply line from bakkie to tap while everyone else waits. Some people have zero consideration.
  12. Hit springs road when its raining... I filled everything in 5 minutes and nobody goes when its raining. this Sunday should piss down and I am down to my last 15 lts of drinking water. Maybe I had a bad PH reading, was above 8, then again, could have been my faulty pen, went through about 3 of them during that period. I use about 1/4, 1/3 tap water and the rest comes from my borehole. But yeah, nothing compares to drinking the spring water, bottled, tap, filtered, RO... the spring is by far the best!
  13. I found it had a higher PH value than the tap water I pulled on the same day. Less calcium I think, as this is added to tap water, but definitely more natural minerals and some extra iron I think. That and the mission involved in collecting from the newlands spring is actually too much. I dont use the regular spring as well, there is a 2nd spring further up the mountain where you can collect at any time of the day/night. I collect about 100lts purely for drinking, every month or so.. Havent drank tap water in a long time actually... and no runny stomach either (pretty positive i was getting it from tap water, and parents confirmed same thing a few days ago when down here for a visit). I know somebody that only fed his plants spring water though without issue.
  14. I give on occasion to my male dog who has anxiety and allergies. licks his skin raw, and breaks out in bumbs and hives every season change. Hes a very nervous dog as well, something happened in his puppyhood and he has never recovered. It helps calm him down alot, sometimes give before taking for a walk, cars stress the hell out of him. Helps a ton with the skin issues as well, inflamed areas calm down nicely, and the raw patches start to heal. He often goes onto cortizone to help the itch, but doesnt touch the anxiety. Next bout of issues I will start giving immediately, before getting more cortizone to see if it can be a suitable replacement. .
  15. I had 2 out of 3 germ (decided may as well buy 3 seeds and draw my own opinion) of the Deimos (Northern Lights). They sent me replacement Haze autos, which so far 2 of 2 germed, buddy popping the 3rd one. But I generally dont like autos, so curious to see how these go. No topping or stressing them, just straight into pots and left to grow.
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