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  1. 17 hours ago, PsyCLown said:

    @Prom sounds more as if you are using a portable AC on dry mode? AC will cool the air while trying to remove moisture. Dehumidifier will warm the air while trying to remove moisture. AC dry mode does not work nearly as well as a dedicated dehumidifier and cools ones room which is not always wanted and you cannot set the desired RH with an AC.


    @Marzcanna How many liters can it remove within 24 hours for interest sake? Looking for something like the GMC 26L dehumidifier which removes 26L in 24 hours at 30C and 80% RH.

    Doesnt remove that much just around 3-5L 

  2. Just now, Ill_Evan said:

    Terra Aquatica I believe was the one you may have been thinking of, but they simply bought out GHE and did a name change for some reason even though everyone knows it as GHE. 

    I have also used EHG, although I'd rather use Nutriplex to be honest..

    Yea same here I prefer Nutriplex over EHG, Nutriplex has less NPK than EHG tho but I feel that Nutriplex gives a better final product in my own opinion 

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