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  1. Only ever used Trophy Seeds. Smooth sailing and I would recommend them! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. I got Bioneem and Pyrol from Biogrow. Those pest f*ckers wrecked my tomatoes last season. GLHF! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Nice man. What are you doing for pest control? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Update time. My tomatoes. As you can see they're blooming. They were my test subjects for my auto run. Feeding all Biobizz nutes. My succulents. They have grown a lot. Need advice as to whether I should repot them. My big leave Spekkie. Had a fight with caterpillars and aphids but Bioneem and Pyrol solved that. My Lavender - severely underfed here in the beginning. The brown flowers are growing again and I messed up with the chillis. Too cold I think.
  5. No, but I got Freedom Farms soil. Planning to start in October.
  6. Yeah, I should probably update this thread. Sorry just got busy with life. Will do so soon.
  7. Hey man I'm about to pull the trigger on a ph pen since I'm gearing up for my first outdoor grow. I'm on balcony with a lot of afternoon sun. Was planning to run in fabric pots but after seeing the point about water I'm thinking hmmmm. Could you please expand on the no need for ph/ec meter thing? I currently filter my water with some kuro bo activated charcoal. Plants seem to love it thus far. Please help and sorry for the thread hijack.
  8. Thanks for the advice will look into getting a ph pen asap. I think I'm going to go with soil-less. Going to look into Freedom Farms soil-less mixture and also the GHE FloraCoco range. Thanks for all the help mate. Here is an update on the tomatoes.
  9. Yep. Lots of afternoon sun. I was such a noob. Only after I used the soil did I see that it could have used some perlite. I have looked into Freedom Farms soils and the Bio Bizz range. It's the reason I want to grow outdoors first - get it dialed in and then move indoors.. The big question for me is whether to go soil or soil-less via coco coir? EC meters are kind of expensive and right now I think I need a ph meter more. Thanks for the pot size recommendation, will look into Freedom Pots. Cheers
  10. Thank you very much. I live on the top floor in a flat. The balcony is all I have so I'm limited to containers. Growing stuff in preparation for some autos later this year. It seems like you read my mind as I've just popped some tomatoes. Used the spray and pray method and two seeds sprouted. I'm going to try to do some lst and I'm going to replant into a bigger pot after they're strong enough. Moved her to teh window sill with my cactus, Baby Yoda. I have also planted Bush beans but still waiting on those. I'm currently using Red Tractor potting and veg soil and also Nitrosol: Organiksol which I feed at half strength every second watering. Cheers
  11. Hey all. First post. I"m a bit of a noob but my wife has vetoed planting cannabis till the law changes. In the meantime I'm scratching the itch by growing these. I've also planted some tomatoes and green beans. Feedback most welcome
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