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  1. Doug


    @Dank thanks man! Still always learning and trying to better the previous one! Lol we havent had the pleasure of tasting her yet either, shes in about her 7th week of veg so will flip her in the coming weeks when space becomes available
  2. Doug


    @Pat999 @Pat999 Hahahaha noob to this forum! Sorry actually been growing for about 7 years all in all. Still relatively new to the indoor though. Thanks so much for the welcome I'm sure it will be great!
  3. Doug


    Hey all, Just wanted to introduce myself. Massive cannafanatic and love growing! It's such a passion and is so rewarding (mostly). Been using cannabis for close on 20years now and wont ever stop. Got a couple strains going at the moment ie. Sour D, La Confidential and Lemon Pie. The picture is of the Sour D Jah Bless
  4. Green Smoke Room Seed co Always reliable and good selection.
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