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  1. Trim and Clip Down she comes. A whopping 68cm🤣 This was done on wednesday but thanks to loadshitting I am only able to post now. This was certainly not my best work. But knowledge is the winner here. A lot learned from this grow especially in terms of keeping things constant. Also using an "untested" medium in a competition is probably not the best idea going forward. Still I am happy that I got to grow out a particularly intersting strain, one I have been wanting to try my hand at for some time. I feel I may have been slightly overeager when taking her down. But am certain her tri's were milked up to the max. She has been pretrimmed and will undergo a second cleanup after another day or two of drying. Peace clouds and stanky dank
  2. Week 10 - Harvest Week This week has been a telling one. Trichomes are definitely milked up and I think I saw an amber or 2. I am going to give her until Wednesday just to finish off and I think after a very thorough check she shall be plucked hung and trimmed down. Leaves have definitely begun their fade and the missus now complains almost hourly! I have suggested nasal plugs and a case of "go live elsewhere if you dont like it" 🤣😜 this is a bad joke, I wld be strung up like the plant if she ever read this. She really is smelling amazing (plant not the missus) and I am very excited to see what she yields. Even though buds are smallish, they are stacked and dense and I cannot wait to taste her. In terms of harvesting, what is the deal with the end result? Does anyone know how/when/where we go from there? @totemic thanks for allowing us access to your amazing strain, it really is a thing of beauty! Again well done to all still battling it out, and even though I am pretty certain mine is not going to be a winner, I am so grateful to be a part of this awesome competition. Big ups to all peace and clouds ✌💨
  3. @Dank well done homie. Looking really good and it's been a pleasure growing along side you and all the others. I am so impressed with how many talented home growers are out there! It's a breath of fresh dank.
  4. @Totemic thanks for the heads up. Am keeping a constant eye on her.
  5. @Dank thanks for the info there bro! Totally with you in terms of flip dates and week counts, I am more confused because in all my previous grows at this stage my buds were always much much bigger! But i am attributing this to my soil mix and a couple other factors that took place. So I guess I'm not confused more disappointed 🙇‍♂️lol. Appreciate the kind words bud. Your baby is looking amazing btw🏋️‍♂️ As for my "better half" -let's hope she sees this comment- thank goodness she loves it as much as I do. I'd probably be very single if it weren't the case🤣🤣 Peace and clouds homie ✌💨🤘
  6. Week 9 Flowering I am slightly confused with this entry. It feels as if either I am ahead in my entries or Treeny is behind in her flowering. Looking at some of the other contestants entries I am so proud to be a part of this awesome initiative. Some of your guys grows are looking really great. My lady is still happy by the look of things but I am not happy with the output I am getting. Could be a number of things on my side that have led to this. None the less she still smells like an early morning wake n bake. My gf has actually complained about arriving home and "all I can smell is weed" 😂😷 So clearly I'm doing something right in that case 💨 Tri's are mostly clear still but I am keeping a close watch now. Buds still seem to be swelling but very slow and not to my liking. Congrats to all who have made it this far there are some real beauties out there. @Totemic... spot on with the pistols sprouting new and fresh, just when you think you're getting to that point 😂👌 Peace and clouds ✌💨 and a blessed week
  7. Week 8 not too much to report. I may have jumped a week forward in my entries somewhere a long the line. Trichomes are still mostly clear (partly cloudy) buds have definitely bulked a little more this week. Stinking my entire house out Peace and clouds✌💨
  8. Week 7/8 Going into week 7 and I have decided to make a change. In a week there hasnt been much change to the bud size, maybe I am being over zealous but was hoping they would fill out more. I know I still have about 3 weeks left but I was worried that light loss due to too much space was a culprit of the bud development not happening. I have moved Treeny into a tent with a 400w hps and 1000w LED. Let's hope this brings some changes but when I look at some of the other growers plants, their buds look more developed than mine. Still smelling like an absolute dream so even if there is not a lot, it will still be some dank bud. The fruity tang has subsided somewhat replaced more with tones of soil/earth and coffee (cld just be my nose that gets that though 👃) Trichomes are all still very much clear which is what I was hoping for so perhaps in the next week or 2 I will get my fill from the buds. Tempted to perhaps take a small test nug but feel it is still too early and my impatience will be pointless... so I have left all nugs in peace at this point. I have not used nutrients like I usually do in my grows and feel this may be partially the reason for the bud developing less. The soil I used comes with "all the nutrients the plant needs" - remains to be seen if the proofs in the pudding. That's all the rambling I have for now Peace and buds and happy heritage day guys. This plant is our heritage and may we continue to be able to grow and partake in its wonderous properties without the prejudice and injustice we have all faced for a harmless natural occurring medicinal plant.
  9. @BorisK9 looking great seeing as you had a reasonably tough start. With regards to defol I'd definitely remove a couple of the fan leaves just to open her up a little so the lower flowers get a bit more light... that being said, don't over do it. She's doing her thing so no need to change up too much. Just my 2 cents🤘
  10. @PsyCLown most likely you are correct, but I have definitely had strains where in the last stretch they do swell substantially.
  11. @Moosed looking beautiful bro 👌think you will have yourself a very nice main cola by the end of this.
  12. @Pinkfox_420 not too sure how far a long you are but I think they look great. Those last 2 weeks can bring some drastic bud swell so have faith and let the lady do her thing 👌🥳
  13. @Totemic great, so its not something that I'm missing or a problem? Doesnt seem like any of my girls had the skunk pheno so hoping I can push them until week 10. What do you think?
  14. @Moosed 🙏thanks brother. I'm certainly hoping so! But the way things are going might have to do the thing at week 9. Will keep a close eye though and play it by trichome😳
  15. Week 6/7 Flower Its been a decent week for the fattening! Buds are looking quite tasty and the terpenes certainly are bringing their aromas. I have been paying special attention to the trichomes this week as, you will see in the photos, most of the pistols are reddened already so have been keeping a close eye on trichome development. So far from what I can tell they seem mostly clear still with a few milkies here and there. What do you guys think? 🤷🏼‍♂️ Peace and Clouds for the week ahead peeps ✌💨
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