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  1. 6 minutes ago, Ill_Evan said:

    I wasted my 20's studying useless shit that will never get me out. I'm now dedicated to growing the almighty bush and that has sustained me for a few years now. I've considered maybe going to Thailand and growing bush there but the requirement is to have at least one national to be a 50% owner and sponsor for you and even then you're only allowed to stay in the country for only so many months at a time. 

    Tired Good Night GIF by HBO Max

    That cat is how I feel with programming. 

    I've tried to self-learn/self-teach myself so many times, and just get so demoralized, start gaining weight from being in the chair for so many hours, mental state takes a decline. Even the prospect of a better future is hard to keep me in that chair.

    On the radio the other night, business segment, they mentioned the "creator economy" content creation etc is a $104B industry and growing, how is it so difficult to get a slice of that pie?

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  2. 32 minutes ago, Naughty.Psychonaut said:

    Sadly a couple of battaries is not gona fix this problem. Off grid just means with due time who ever "leads" will find a way to benefit more from it than you as an SA citizen ever will. You live in SA and show yourself to have any kinda spending money you gona loose, just a matter of time. Saving my money on gimmicks. 

    We've reached a point where being positive about the future of our country is being ignorant.

    First move I'll make is getting off this continent. Not only away from SA. The "richness" and the forced respect for the "culture" and the "pride" of the people down here is the problem. The inability to face the truth and make a change is the problem. The clown politicians who we see on the tv are just there cause they're dumb enough to show their faces. They just come to deliver a speech, but we all know bigger hands are at play. There's very little to absolutely no impact on the circus if you think about changing out the clowns for different clowns. The music and the show will stay the same. 

    The problem is much muuuuuuuuuuuuuch deeper than just the "leaders". It's the majority of the followers too. And it's not just their status' as leaders or followers. It's the collective mentality. The ego. The "african" roots has run rotten to its core. Literally the exact same kak that happened in Zimbabwe, word for word and step by step, is happening here too. Steep downhill to banana republic. Getting away from here ASAP, watch the shit pile burn from a far. Less than no hope for this sad place. 

    You can be however optimistic in your views¬†and say my view is whatever you feel or think it is, point is - thinking it's never going to happen to this country is ignorant, because we're much muuuuuuuuch closer to shit hitting the fan than anyone cares to realise or admit, but still people will be patriorical and argue with stupid phrases like "I was born here, I'll die for this country" thinking there is some turning point ūüėÖ we have already passed the point of no return somewhere around 25 to 30 years ago. SA citizens just gave the benefit of the doubt for the longest time,¬†cause there are some actual¬†good people, but it has proven to be a fail. Being a good person in SA - the land of all the cultural richness - means absolutely fokol. Infact it counts against you and you'll be walked over.¬†

    It's wakey wakey time, we're all from earth, we're allowed to enjoy life. No one should keep struggling like this. If the people from this country wana be proud of their destructive ways, then so be it, you really can't help anyone who doesn't want the help and that's a problem on our part - thinking they know they need help. We should help ourselves, not the "fellow south africans". They know everything already can't teach these leaders anything. 

    Afrika se ma se poef there is nothing here to be proud of The nature is mooi, but that's nature, people didn't make that. The constant struggle is not worth the view. 

    and that's my :-2cents 

    I must be honest here

    The neighbourhood I grew up and was born in has gone to a DayZ type wasteland. Crawling with foreigners whose "standards" in things are completely backwards. You can see the types of cars people drive, they seem a mashup of maybe 4 different vehicles, but they get out with the fanciest of clothes and a rolex. This is starting to crawl like an oil spill on the ocean into the adjacent neighbourhoods, and unfortunately starting to move closer and closer to where I currently stay. We have recently had an incident around the corner where the Zama Zama's got into an all out war. The SANDF apparently had to be call in because it was above our police forces capabilities.

    Another house in our street heard a window break the other day, couldn't figure it out until they found a bullet in their pantry, stray bullet came straight through the window. 

    This is very scary obviously, and as you say, if you try and be optimistic within this environment, it is not optimism it's ignorance.
    But financially, and other reasons, leaving for me is not really an option at the moment. So I have to try and make the best of a bad situation.

    Sidenote: If I may, what do you do that will enable you to leave here?

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  3. Yeah it was an 18.1% increase or something stupid. 

    Best part is, if you missed this news, you probably missed the part that eskom has been EXEMPTED from submitting their financials regarding irregular/fruitless expenditure.
    Read more below: 
    In a surprise move, Finance Minister Enoch Godongwana has exempted Eskom from disclosing irregular, fruitless, and wasteful expenditure [notice 3247 of gazette 48354, 31 March 2023]. National Treasury has now called for public comment.

    Comments closed but I think you can still read about it.

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  4. Not sure if I am understanding the question properly.

    But I used these before

    I remember years ago reading about a very experienced international grow team that released some products to the SA market, and they said they didn't bother bringing a Kelp product in because we have such an amazing product already in "Kelpak"
    So I think that is the best solution for Kelp

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  5. 33 minutes ago, Totemic said:

    Photo fems. Are far into the future. Im focusing on a single auto line now and will be for another year or more. 

    Until loadshedding is resolved it simply isnt worth trying to run with photoperiods. 

    Cool well, let me know when you have fem autos, will grab a few to run spring/summer

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  6. 1 hour ago, Totemic said:

    Depending on what you will be looking for... 

    I already have regular autos, and will probably only have fem autos ready to add by this coming Spring. 



    And like photo fems? 
    I would take some of each if available

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  7. On 7/27/2019 at 2:25 PM, KushNewbie said:

    @LukeS Just read the entire thread. You mentioned being a bit disappointing from your grow but from where you were to how your plant bounced back is truly remarkable so well done.

    What was the actual reason for the plant not doing well once you moved it into the grow tent at the beginning?


    Thank you very much,

    In the end, I harvested around 100g from the plant, smoke is unbelievably smooth and tasty, but the potency is a bit weak. Nonetheless it is a great smoke.

    I think, there were multiple reasons, the main being the plant was a bit root locked, and when i put it in the tent with increased light exposure, air circulation, increased temp it experienced a growth spurt and got unhappy with the lack of space.

    It was only upwards in growth and happiness after the pot transplant.

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  8. Sometimes i don't understand people and business.. Their website is so nice, nice layout, easy to read easy to understand so quite a substantial investment.. and then you get to the "About us" section and see these pixelated messes as profile pictures.. I don't get it.

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