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  1. A very merry Christmas to everyone... Have a lekker day!
  2. When I spoke to the Simon at Freedom Farms on how, what and when to use it. He cautioned me that the stuff is very potent especially the Fire Juice. Microlife and Probiotics (only once a week) is for veg and the other two for bloom.
  3. Ready, set...grow! What a cool prize. Thanks Freedom Farm for sponsoring it.
  4. I am keen to purchase some seed form Attitude Seed Bank but they only take payment via Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. I don't have a Bitcoin account and would like to know what is the safest way to fund and set one up?
  5. Titus


    Some of the ladies...
  6. Titus


    Hi all, Tinus is the name. Titus was a nickname from school. 1st time grower, steep learning curve. Although I have a huge plant collection and been blessed with green fingers. GF's dad sown a bunch of Skunk x Cheese seeds at my place. So I decided to play with them in my new hydroponics system, while I wait for the veggies to grow. And the bug bit. Really interested in growing some CBD. So I got myself some Barney's Farm Critical Cure. So far two of the three seeds germinated, hoping the other one will still make it. Keen to take these ladies the organic route. So that's my story so far... Cheers, Tinus
  7. Titus


    It is some of the Skunk x Cheese seeds that I have germinated. Looks like there is plenty of males and not many females...
  8. Just to confirm this is a male?
  9. Titus

    Roll Call

    The Friendly City of Port Elizabeth
  10. This sound like fun... Will be a steep learning curve I don't mind paying the cost for transport.
  11. Haha...this is awesome. Will second that!
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