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  1. Suuup Been afk lmao. Some updates on current grow, I'm sure you can find info on the forum about the topic matter. So, used about half the seeds (even less tbh, especially kept more autos like the SSSC Bourbon Kush, 420 Strawberry gorilla and sensi NL), had some complications with delays and my cat eating 2 of my freebie AK's from BSB -____-(learnt my lesson). Pretty much germ rate so far, waiting for 3 of the most recent still, but one already started in a jiffy, just hasn't popped out of the coco peat yet (its the 420 auto so wanted it in the pot asap). Also added some pics of my own outdoor. I know it's f*d taking the pics at night (that's why they look a little droopy) with a flash, but I don't get time during the day and prefer discretion. Have more babies, but I'll just share these for now... others once they get a little bigger... if anyone has advice (which I'm sure is a possibility =D), I'm all ears ^^. first one is autos (its a NL and Bourbon kush and the NL had a twin on the forst seed which is in the cup) second 2 are Cataract Kush and rest in pots is a bunch of the photosynthetic seeds. Plan to transplant a lot of the smaller ones in soil over the weekend (the outdoor plplants in soil), I know they close af. Also do plan to either re-pot or cut the bottom to put in a bigger pot soon with the potted photos. Was running low on coco peat so had to make do for a week or so. Still have a few empty pots and seeds for a while. the ones that have that short ass "fence" are also personal seeds, except the 2 closest ones ( one still really young and the one to the left of it). I tried an experiment and transplanted them from the coco peat to soil (I know, it's bad, but I was curious) and they seem to be doing fine. the big ones in the one pic after are 2 plants that are about +2,5m and I fimmed both. Not sure if I need support for them? Seems like a hybrid, grew like a sativa but really, really quick. Got another 1 or 2 of the same genetics growing, they just smaller atm. Also, following the watering according to strain, not sure if some of the ones in pot are under watered or some over watered, but they seem to be fine. Some of the ones that were dried did stretch more though. No time for a proper diary, but if anyone was interested how it was going with this yolo grow, you got it.
  2. GuTs


    My happy accidents harvested 1,5kg dry bud (over dry even, had to re-hydrate for a day or 2). The one before that was okay, but didn't notice until too later and one proper Indica had bud rot so had to toss it. The first one forgot the harvest amount (didn't really measure though haha) it held me 2-3 months. Second one, I'm still smoking and should last until next harvest. Ill make a new thread with pics of current accidental organic grow XD a little later, about to go watch the football. Thank you for welcoming me to the forum :3
  3. Borehole water for the Garden, I have a filter RO tap inside the house and I'm near Potch so about 1 and a half hour drive south of JHB. (North-east of North West Province, close to Gauteng border). Hope that helps
  4. Also, forgot to mention how it came down to those. The growing conditions, reviews and the fact that they are new seeds/supply (read somewhere to avoid older seeds). Also of course, my personal taste and medical benefits. if you have better recommendations, once again, I'm all ears. Medical benefits are: > Lack of appetite > Depro (manic type) > Insomnia > Back and Neck aches > Worst it Anxiety though *Long story, maybe I'll share in person, but not online. I'm not investing in indoor before I can do it outdoors, and still need to learn more about indoor growing, since you have full control over the whole environment, it seems like a lot of understanding required, I have tons of good books and forums for info, so I'll do my due diligence and then try it out. Maybe mid Autumn or so I'll get an Indoor set up (will probably go for the 2,4x2,4 with adjustable height from 2m+ with best lights I can get, carbon filter and even try to automate it all. My dad is an electrical engineer and super good at his profession, mainly high voltage and solar/inverters, but I'm sure he can help when he's actually in SA and at home XD).
  5. Hey! Hope you all good. Not first time more like 3rd (and helped friends previously --around the 'business' for xx years, just didn't want to grow until it's safe to do so, since studying Law, did bcomm and very interested in politics, especially diplomacy. So any sort of record would be detrimental to that, amongst other personal reasons--), but it is my first time with nutes and all. Did OG organic, like 28 million years ago organic, no human involvement, hardly even water (maybe once or twice and conditions here are +40C in summer) and got over 1,5kg from few plants. The dogs (Pit bull, Chinese Shar Pei and Bull Terrier) broke the main plant in half, right at the stem and had HEAVILY hail in November that destroyed the houses' roof (and most people's in this area according to insurance assessor). So Those are the only times I did anything, to save the grow (was like 3 small and weak plants and 2 bigger ones --I'm 6'4" and they were slightly taller than me-- about 2 meters). I have about a dozen of the 'organic' ones growing now and they doing really well considering without any nutes (but I DO water them now :D), they seem to be seeds from previous grow that somehow survived for winter months and just sprouted once it was warm enough. So this is like a project to experiment and test out synthetic grow, the reason is friends and a lot of reading. Even though most prefer organic, I want to try with the hard water TA instead of the Organic TA. I have a borehole and it seemed like the better option in my situation. I ordered the BnB, but will only pay tomorrow after poll done I generally had no real knowledge of growing seed to harvest until this year, have essentially been researching at least 4 hours a day for a good 4 months and I'm generally a fast learner. Any recommendations on additives for the coco/perlite? Or only use those? I have an idea on a mix, but wouldn't mind extra knowledge! Thank you for taking the time to help me my guy.
  6. Bruv, I was baked, didn't consider having a look at the the original post date -______________- hahaha But yeah, shit happens, maybe he could update on what he did, how it went and final product pics? Interested to see, had similar situation, having one now kinda, but not identical. I'll make a post sometimes when there's time :3
  7. Yeah, totally agree. 10 Months, should be all G my dewd.
  8. I'm leaning that way too BTW, I've already ordered some basic stuff for the grow, maybe that will give better insight on the future plan XD... Got: 10 x 10L Freedom pots. 6 x 20L Freedom pots. 1L Hard Water Tripart kit (T.A.) 1L Ripen aka FinalPart (T.A.) 500ml FlashClean (T.A.) Yolo 25 Jiffys Performa (for later use too) 50L of 90-10 Freefom Farms Coco-Perlite 50L of 50-50 Freedom Farms Coco-Perlite Yolo 125ml ROOTiT First Feed I'll get anything else that's lacking and already have Potting soil and all that, with big yard and good natural soil too. Also plan to get more seeds with in a month. Not sure if that helps, but I'm probably going for the BnB option at this rate, even though there's no coupon :'((((
  9. Could be too much Potassium (causing Cal-Mag as well as Zinc and Iron deficiencies) or too little Nitrogen. Those are weird hours for a Photo, so who really knows, would be great to know PH of the substrate. Either way, first thought is to defoliate, maybe last watering to flush properly and harvest.
  10. Sup :3 I'm new, so just doing an introduction. I grow outdoors for now, only have 2 seasons done with some random seeds (both times kinda accidental TBH, think mother nature trying to tell me something). Going to try outdoor with seeds from some good breeders and fabric pots, nutes, etc... Have a great day and thank you for taking the time to read!
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