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Dinafem's Dinachem

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So I planted a Dinachem plant indoors and one outdoors last Nov.

The outdoor plant is now massive in size, but still not ready for harvest, Trichomes are still all clear.

The buds arnt thick at all, and now it looks like trichomes are actually disappearing. Damn caterpillars are destroying the plant, should I harvest now or wait for trichomes to develop more ..

The indoor has also been disappointing, although I did keep it in Veg for a very long time, it got PM, and bud development has also been a bit disappointing..

Anyone else have experience with these genetics or breeder ?





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Everything I’ve grown from them has been awesome. Current is a Quick Kush raging like a beast 2nd week of flower. f78a342ea4c08e2ef60ba585f19110fe.jpg

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