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  1. Thanks guys for the kind words of advice and sympathy. You're all top-notch okes. 😉
  2. Hi all, Some of you may have noticed that I've kinda disappeared over the last little while. While I hope to get back to growing as soon as possible, for now it's not really an option. I've recently had to learn a life lesson. I'm still young so there's no doubt a whole bunch more of these awaiting me, but this one cuts quite deep and I want to talk about it. Over the last little while, I've had a sequence of arguments with a housemate, mostly caused by (my perhaps overly-volatile reactions to what I would call his) repeated violations of my space and property. E.g. not knocking before entering my room (despite knowing my partner and I are in there.....!!!!!!), taking and using things I own without permission and then not returning/cleaning them, etc; the list really goes on but you don't wanna read it all. A little more than a week ago, I lost my shit properly at him after finding out he threw away a large collection of glass jars I had been keeping, planning to use for my mycology hobby when I had time over the end-of-year vacation. I had told him that I was going to use them but apparently they were 'taking up all the space' in the cupboard and this is justification enough to throw my things away and not just move them??? When I say I lost my shit properly, I really mean properly. Lots of verbal abuse both ways but I really laid it on thick and said a lot of things I regret. This went on until I let off my last "fuck you" and went and lay down in my room to try cool off. When I came out of my room, I found that all my seedlings and outdoor weed plants (as well as some of my random veggies) had been ripped up and utterly destroyed. He also destroyed the remaining Sannies' seeds I had in the fridge. Over R1000 in damages. I'm moving out when my lease expires at the end of this year and permanently ending this friendship. There's nothing I can do legally, even with the ConCourt ruling, because I have magic mushroom spores and cultures in my possession and my roommate could easily exploit this. I have learned that no matter how frustrated I get, I should try my best to keep a cool head. Rage only makes things worse. Attached, a picture of my "freedom babies" (germ'd on the day of the ConCourt ruling, 18 Sept) that I'll never see fully grown as well as the bong my partner and I made together, with a downstem from Little Amsterdam.
  3. Thing is man, I've never seen anyone but you say such things. I doubt anyone else on this forum has either. Even "bro backing" is better than expecting people to believe blind assertions. You claim it is so simple to find things that back up what you say, and yet you *still* have not even pointed out where we could find an authoritative source stating what you are apparently repeating. You bring up "decades of research", but can't say the title of a single paper, book, journal dedicated to related topics, nor even post a helpful-yet-sarcastic LMGTFY link. If I wanted to prove a point and not just be a troll, I would attempt to share my sources, give reasonable arguments, etc. Maybe you should too, huh? Here's how you do something like that: Searching for the phrase "cannabinoid biosynthesis in cannabis sativa" in Scholar: https://scholar.google.co.za/scholar?hl=en&as_sdt=0%2C5&as_vis=1&q=cannabinoid+biosynthesis+in+cannabis+sativa&btnG= The literal first paper in this search, cited by 45 other papers: https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/abs/10.1111/j.1365-313X.2012.04949.x Titled "The hexanoyl-CoA precursor for cannabinoid biosynthesis is formed by an acyl-activating enzyme in Cannabis sativa trichomes." This should already be enough to hint to you that the majority of cannabinoids are going to be in/around the trichomes. Second paragraph of the left column of the second page of that paper states that "The primary site of cannabinoid biosynthesis is glandular trichomes that form on female flowers (Lanyon et al., 1981)." That Lanyon et al paper, however, seems to be stating more weakly that "several studies have implicated the glandular trichomes as the site of cannabinoid accumulation". Now look at Table 1 in the hexanoyl-CoA paper, and you'll see that CBDA (and the precusor) is almost entirely in the flowers: if you take the upperbound of the single-stddev confidence intervals for CBDA content in stems, roots and leaves and sum them, you get 0.795, which is less than half of the lowerbound of the single-stddev confidence interval for CBDA in flowers, 1.6. It also states "The characteristic cannabinoid in this clone, CBD, averaged 59.4 ± 22.8 ng/gland and represented an average of about 97% of the cannabinoids present in each sample (table 1). Other cannabinoids, delta-9-THC in particular, as well as some CBN, were detected in small quantities in some samples (table 1)." This clearly implies the strain produces resin that is mostly (>90%) CBD/A. (The samples in question were resin extracted from trichome heads by means of a micropipet.) Let's assume (and I fully understand if this is disputable) that, had these papers both tested the same strain, they'd have come to the same conclusions. In order for THC/A and CBD/A in a plant to be equal in amounts (assuming in your favour the above-mentioned upperbounds for roots/stems/leaves and lowerbound for flowers) we'd need to satisfy the linear equation Aw + Bx + Cy + Dz = 1.6w + 0.7x + 0.09y + 0.005z where variables w, x, y and z represent total mass of flowers, leaves, stems, and roots (respectively) of a given plant, and coefficients A, B, C and D represent the amounts of THC/A in the same units as the CBD/A measurements in the table. Holding on to the claim that over 90% of the cannabinoids in the trichomes are CBD/A, we yield the inequality A <= 0.1*1.6 = 0.16. We need to distribute the rest of the THC, which is at minimum 0.9*1.6 = 1.44, into the leaves, stems and roots. This wouldn't make sense at all. Look the tables and, in particular, the charts of total cannabinoid content in leaves at a given number of nodes down from the growth tip from this paper: https://www.realhemp.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/9-Cannabinoid-Content-Of-Individual-Plant-Organs-From-Different-Geographical-Strains-Of-Cannabis-Sativa-L.pdf You'll see that below the 7th node from the top (i.e. the leaves that are not part of the flower, by the authors' explicit statement), total cannabinoid content drops to about (or below) half of the upper leaves, in all cases. Coupled with the fact that the non-drug strains produce effectively no THC in their leaves (i.e. B ~= 0), you'd need the THC content of the CBD-rich plants' roots and stems to be ridiculously high, which we all know is simply not the case.
  4. I'll have a bloody hard time finding white papers backing up the claim that the sky is green and the moon is made of spaghetti, as well. I spent about 15 minutes googling and found nothing even coming close to what you have said. Besides, the onus of proof is on the person who makes the claim. You look like a typical internet "scientist" that has neither education nor expertise when you say things like this buddy. ;P
  5. You make this claim about equal amounts, but provide no source... I'm under the impression that the vast majority of cannabinoids are in the resin, and it's a demonstrated fact that different strains of cannabis reliably produce different ratios of the various cannabinoids in their resin.
  6. Lol thanks for the comments guys, I'll definitely upload pics & maybe a tutorial if I get it down to a science hey xD @Hochy: Ja but these things were available for less than R100, I didn't even bother checking the local shops since the customs charge will only be like R50 or less; local hardware store sells fucken zipties at a 2000% markup so I somehow doubt they'd have diamond-tipped drill bits for a reasonable price!
  7. Pat999[/member]: I wasn't thinking whiskey bottles in particular, more like trying a bunch of different bottles and seeing which one is best. At the moment this one (attached) is looking like it'll be my favourite.
  8. Justin[/member]: Honestly I've never been there and have no idea where it is! xD But two other people have recommended them to me as well, so I think I might go check them out. I just want to buy a glass downstem and bowl. Gonna try DIY a glass bong; ordered some diamond tipped drill bits from China the other day.
  9. I'm looking at some stuff they've got, but fuck... I don't want to get ripped off and find out the hard way.
  10. Seems like Dr. Kunene is a bit over it all. xD The one thing this article needs is a link to all the other articles written about her, to better understand the context of everything. I can't actually remember (nor be bothered to go searching for) all of them.
  11. Hey so bagseed is always a bit of a risk, but if you're only just trying to grow some weed to smoke, and you aren't trying to perfect that craft just yet.. go for it! Myself, Hein, and Gnome all have grow journals with bagseed here on 420SA. Take a look at them! Gnome had *MASSIVE SUCCESS*, Hein certainly did well too, I did fine considering the plants spent more than half their life in tiny, overheating pots with shitty soil. xD I found it extra enjoyable looking at the shared traits of the plants that came from the same gene pool because I grew out seeds from several different bags of weed and kept track which were which.
  12. I'm gonna blaze this bad boy with some friends. 14mm diametre, 7cm long, 3 grams of my homegrown. I'm fucken ready
  13. 10/10, having the ability to see what you've sent is definitely a good feature! xD
  14. Howzit hochy. I've never purchased from Amazon before, though a mate of mine has two versions of the Kindle which he ordered from them online. I can't really say if he paid ridiculous customs tax or whatever. That said, the company is multi-national and so it's probably gonna be at least as reliable as Takealot, possibly with slower shipment times?
  15. Oh damn, hopefully that isn't going to cause too much trouble. I've seen plants split in half that still recovered perfetly, but this is quite late into flowering... o_o
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