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  1. Just got back after weekend, plants are thriving and light burn much less noticeable. Still no nutrients, the compost in my medium is sufficient until they are in final pots. #3 is still going
  2. Potted #3.1 & #3.2. They're getting there, despite the trauma. Hopefully the saying, "what don't kill, only strengthens", applies. The other 5 are going strong, although I think I underestimate the LED's, and got some leaf burn. No nutrients yet, just some natural compost in the mix, so can't be that.
  3. Thanks folks. Another pic of #3, henceforth #3.1 & #3.2 #3.1 #3.2
  4. @iGrowDagga, herewith, as close as I can get. Installed my cool tubes, bulbs are 600w MH, but only running at 200w for now.
  5. Planted 5 of the seedlings in my custom grow medium. In this case custom is a combination of peat, coco, bark, perlite, vermiculite, garden compost, bokashi tea, bone meal, fish meal, em culture, molasses, rock & fossil dust (there's a proper name for these, I can't think of now, cause weed) and whatever else looks good at the time. Against what seems to be common consensus, I also recycle medium, but leave it outdoors for couple months between remixing. Nothing methodical or scientific, but at least it's green, cheap and it's got live earthworms. The twins (#3) are still alive, and both showing beginnings of vegetative growth, not just seed leaves, so they may yet make it. They're starting to show roots, so probably plant them this later this week. They probably won't catch #1 or #2 though, which are the group leaders.
  6. @Kgrows no, just the seed leaves. I was going to leave them longer, but then saw roots emerging from bottom of jiffy, and was worried about them becoming too entangled.
  7. Thanks for the advice @Kgrows @Dank @Totemic @420SA. I did the separation procedure this evening. Looks ok, per photos, but only time will tell... Thanks @Moosed, I don't know if the heated propegator makes a difference, but it makes me feel better. Like telling my kids to dress warmly because they're making me feel cold. Thanks also to @GreenthumbHydro, got my new lights today, brilliant service, as usual. I've moved everything into the main flower tent as seen in photos. In addition to the new 2x 300W LED, I've still to reinstall 2x 600W cooltube MH, which I run at low power till final weeks. Pardon the ledpurp photos following, once the MH in, I'll be back to normal colour.
  8. Update, 7 from 6, though #3 is still weird, even for twins.
  9. Hey @Kgrows, yea, read that too. Says they can be separated, and one will be a clone of mom. Not sure if I want to take the risk though, and not sure if they can be left as is, or if they'll stunt one another. Decisions 🙄
  10. Phew, signs of life. Worst time for me, waiting without knowing what's going on just beneath the surface.
  11. All seem to have cracked. Planting in jiffy pellets about 5mm deep.
  12. I put my seeds in damp paper towel last night to sprout before planting in jiffy pellets. Using a heated propegator.
  13. Seeds received, thanks @420SA, @Totemic & @THCSA for a chance to grow what I've been salivating over for years Not having to wait for over a month for the seeds to arrive is another massive plus.
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