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  1. I need to make oils and tinctures for them. For general well being and epilepsy.
  2. Hey guys, I have a hermie I need to pull out now. I wanted to decarboxylate it in the oven tonight but saw that from all the wet weather we have had it has blady white powder mold. Is it safe to still put into the oven and use or must I treat it first before I put it in the oven. Do you think the heat will kill the mold? I really need to make stuff for my dogs! Never have I ever had such issues with mold and mildew 😞. Some of the buds have bud rot too but I will just cut that off.
  3. Thanks! I was actually reading up about that today. Think I have to get myself some of those seeds.
  4. Great thanks! I have actually had Green Crack before but only a little bit. Awesome with your Jack! You must be so keen to try it! I will have a look into those other strains. Need to get my next batch of seedlings up and growing as I will be putting my girl into flower in about 2 weeks time.
  5. I have tried Jack Herer and Trainwreck for a good upper day smoke. The Jack Herer seems to be one of the best Sativa's I have smoked in a while. The high was clear and uplifting that made me want to go and work. The Trainwreck was also really good but I prefer the high from the Jack Herer. Does anyone have any other suggestions for a good day time smoke that wont make you miff or tired. I have also heard Chocolope is good but have not tired that strain yet.
  6. Got some real good Greenhouse from a friend. Super Silver Haze and 9 Pound Hammer. Think the other stuff is Chocolope or something to that effect.
  7. And here I am in abundance Didn't even notice people are battling to get decent stuff. Best is to grow your own and keep a good rotation so you don't run out. Or have a massive harvest and store it. My rotation got screwed up cause I left my room open while transplanting and my dog at the leaves off my seedling. Battling a bit but pulling through.
  8. Cool lol. I'm no pro with stuff like that but a friend of mine showed me and explained it too me. Quite scary actually.
  9. Only if the exif data is still embedded. Some phones and camera store the GPS data. There is software that taps into the metadata and plots the location on a map.
  10. Much safer to do that! It's crazy how we are being tracked. I can even get your Geo Tag location from posted pictures online. Also keep your location settings off when taking pictures of your crops.
  11. Thanks I really appreciate it. I did google it but the results that came up seemed so similar to a deficiency so I was not too sure and was worried as I am not an experienced indoor grower yet. I don’t ask for help or advise on Facebook anymore due to the toxic people on there that criticize more than what they help. I will leave her for a few days to settle in. She seemed to be doing fine this morning. Her bottom leaves have stopped going more yellow and she is more perky today.
  12. I never actually ask for help or advise unless I cannot find it on Google. Hence how I have come so far. Well had help from friends too. There are still certain things you cannot find on Google. Maybe I should have just stuck with researching it myself. Also GoduckGo is much better than Google. Less filtered results.
  13. Hi everyone, I decided to join this forum for advise with my indoor growing. I have been growing outdoors since I was around 17 yrs old. I was guided by a old school veteran grower. Never bought seeds and used to get from friends and just bag seed. Been smoking since 16yrs and have not stopped since. I do not see it as drugs but a medicine for my anger issues I seem to get every now and again. My Father was a avid smoker and used to use the oil when he was diagnosed with cancer. I'm happy and proud to say that because of the oil it gave him almost 3 more years as opposed to the 4 months he was given to live. I have decided to start growing indoors due to the area I live in. I literally live on top of a mountain and its very damp here and misty almost daily coupled with extreme humidity. My last outdoor grow is suffering yellow leaf spot during her flowering now. Peroxide is not working work and neem is not an option so far into flower. She is pulling through but 90% of her leaves have it with slowed growth and not the greatest buds for her age. My other outdoor issue that is driving me F#@cking mad is that my lovely neighbour is growing males and is refusing to pull them out cause they make tea out of it and use the blady open pollen sacks!!! After have a lovely feminized Granddaddy Purple and bag seed getting ruined I started my indoor venture. Bag seed threw a few sacks that I have pulled off as there were only about 4 bunches of them and she is huge. My husband and I are checking her daily to see if there are more pollen sacks. If she gets too bad she will be pulled, but for now she is looking fine. The Granddaddy has been fertilized too now as I can see the seeds but lucky no pollen sacks. Oh well you win some you lose some. First grow was bag seed to test my knowledge and she turned out fine. My next grow is a Hulkberry all doing very well until my transplant yesterday afternoon. Thank to the advise on here I think it was transplant shock. At the moment I have a laughing Buddha Seedling and my 1 month old Hulkberry.
  14. SpicedGold

    Nute Burn?

    Thanks for that advise! I'm so nervous to use tap water these days as our water is quite hard where I live. I normally use rain water but ran out then I resort to bought mineral water. My PH tester was eaten by my dog this weekend. He also chomped 1 leaf off my laughing Buddha seedling. This happened while I was transplanting my Hulkberry and I left my grow room door open. Blady stoner dog loves eating my leaves.
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