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    Greetings All

    I've been a bit of a lurker... But thought I'd say hi to everyone, Hope everyone is well I've read quite a few of the threads etc. and finally decided to just mess around with a grow. I'm more just curious about the process and experience than interested in achieving a huge harvest. So I've germinated and planted some bag seeds (using the coco, perlite, worm casting & potting soil mix) and just going to see what happens. Pretty sure that I'll get addicted though and start doing it seriously or look at indoor growing in the future. Haha Here's a pic of one that's showing some green (it's so satisfying to see those jagged leaves, can only image how it'll feel when it grows up.)
  2. Mellow

    SAPS set 3kg limit for possession

    Also thought it might be restricted to Limpopo, they never mentioned it on the HotBox show though. Thanks for confirmation
  3. This was spoken about in last nights "The HotBox Show": (Jump to 1:16:44 where they phoned the Colonel to confirm the document) As they said, it is not a legal document, just what they are doing until they receive the legal document.
  4. Mellow

    D-Day (dagga day)

    Great outcome