Author Topic: Out of the ashes: Notes on the March 2015 Cape Town wildfire-Cape Town Botanist  (Read 198 times)

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Very useful article for those peeps that think that the current fires in the cape are a complete disaster and MUST be prevented  :poke

This is inevitable and surely you need to plan your lives around this inevitable natural occurrence. If you build your house amongst Fynbos don't be surprised if you lose your thatch roof one day...  :-blazed

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Never quiet understood people who build there houses of flammable material and live in a Danger area.
Like the Americans all build with timber frames and shit.. and they always burn down or get blown over from high winds.

Here in good old sunny SA, we use brick and mortar.. and that shit stays.... even after a fire.. :-hilarious

But yes these fires are a good and bad thing.

Good: New vegetation, carbon to fertilize the soil etc.

Bad: Death of animals, houses burnt, people evacuated.

I wish I was there to have given a hand... Im a action junkie

 :-peace :-peace

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Im not sure tho how they can be asking people to help out? i stood outside last night watching it what a sight...hectic stuff