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Has anyone had experience growing the mango strain?


What was your opinion on the cannabis plant odor when she flowers?


A friend of mine said he grew swazi gold in his flat, and it could be smelt from 3 floors down..


This is obviously a concern to me, as i stay in a similar setup. I read bud odor is strain dependent. So i'd like to know what kind of odor level i can expect from the mango strain.


Thanks peeps



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Growing some Mango bagseed outdoors, my gf picks up the odour from 10m so I reckon pretty strong. If the plants are disturbed it's even stronger.
But not all strains are the same, so it's difficult to say.

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Growing mango might catch you a bit off guard at first, as it seems like the plants aren’t growing at all. I was initially afraid that my plant was dead and that I was doing something wrong, maybe there was not enough light. While they start off slow, buds eventually reach the size of softballs and can become very heavy for unsupported branches. Actually, expect a high yield after 8–11 weeks, and grow the plants inside or outside as mango grows nicely anywhere. And while you're waiting for your harvest, try to get high on the next best thing. You have to try THC gummies and chocolate chip cookies with ganja, it's absolute paradise!

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