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THC in concentrates - how long does the THC last

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So I have a Peak Pro that I use for Concentrates. Works great. But I have a question about how long does the THC last?


After I dab a few times, there is still some concentrate left in the bowl. So at what point is the THC exhausted from the oil?


Does the THC last as long as the oil or does it separate with the heat and be consumed before all of the oil is consumed.


I want to be sure I am getting the most from my rig.  Thanks to anyone that can help.

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150 degrees Celsius THC should be vaporized, some Terpines need more heat, but just a "bit" more. 150 is reached rather quick, and don't use oil, use "Wax" or "Honey". Oil extractions are old tech and in general remove more as just the THC (stuff you don't want to smoke and changes taste to more unfriendly).. hence they are dark to black. Proper extract looks like honey, milky (depends a bit on harvest time of the material). You only wash off the trichomes and leave the chlorophyll and nutrients in the material, so harvest time gives the color (clear: to early, white-ish: upper effects, reddish color: coucher) .

Store it dark and cold for long term and after 9 months THC starts to decompose very slowly. I had 3 years cured weed and still got a good buzz from it. 


Hope that helped. ^^

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