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Found 2 results

  1. Here are some pictures of current BlueberryKush F2 phenos being considered for future breeding. Some of the buds/leaves might look a bit knarly, but stress testing in Winter is something I do, we have it very mild over here. This lady has some Romulan in her great grand parents line, but was crossed with BlueberryKush and those beans were inbred, this is the F2 gen pheno hunting. This next lady is a pure BlueberryKush F2 gen pheno hunt, this is from the F1's the Berry/Purple selection. I will update here with more pictures as the buds mature with a bit of winter magic. Stay Blessed Up 😎
  2. Here are two of my Sherbet phenos being flowered, they are in line to become mother plants for future breeding. This is a part of the VanillaKushCookies F2 gen, the selected plant had a distinct sherbet candy smell on the bud when growing, when cured, as well as a distinct sherbet taste when smoked. These plants will need to have that taste when smoked/vaped/dabbed to be the next moms. #1 #2 I will update with pictures here as they continue to flower with some winter magic. Stay blessed up! #1 #2
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