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Found 1 result

  1. This black poison from GSR has been going for a couple months. Not in flower yet, but about to switch any day. I made a self-watering system for a clients project, two 25l buckets in each eachother, the top one with a netted pot inserted at the bottom to collect the water from the bottom bucket. And a piece of pvc to water through, but its easy enough just to lift the pot out and pour the water in that is needed. Soil 100% organic. Compoost, potting soil, epsom salts, use a number of homemade teas ( dandelion, weed, eggs shells etc ) . No external sources of nutes except the epsoms which comes directly from the mine. I will be buying mollasses soon, always love the flavour. Water Aerated rain water only. Mulch Always mulch with dried, aged donkey manure. Holds water nicely, prevents evaporation and leaches nutrients down. Growth from 24th Nov Growth 4th Dec Sadly we are going through a heavy drought and food is scarce. My leaves are being eaten by either my dogs or chickens. They are welcome. Need to give this plant a bit of a prune and cleanup, take some clones for a last wack at a quick harvest before winter. Sorry not a great picture. But here is the growth for the past month. Happy Growing.
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