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  1. I'm in a big trouble today because of the urine test that I've made. Feeling nervous and thinking I've made a very big mistake. I smoke two weeks ago. Until I lost my ego. That night I was so high And almost fall from the sky I was surprise last night My wife said to hold tight My employer called me and it's not right asking me to have a test then say good night. Now I am in trouble I don't know if I'm still be able To have a normal life and have money to feed my wife I don't have a choice because life's so mean My wife said in a soft voice to use a synthetic urine I don't know if it's right but I need to fight. Lesson's learn tonight. Hoping the result is alright. So what do you think guys, will I pass or not?
  2. I play Clash of Clans in Mobile. in computer I play Player Unknown's Battle ground.
  3. I don't know how to fish but I would like to learn. I've dreamed of fishing while smoking. I think it's really great to fish when high.
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    That guys sure knows how to kick ass. I enjoyed the video. thanks for sharing!
  5. ReggieFranz

    Tenacious D

    Tenecious D is a legend. I know they have wrote the best song in the world. Yeah, it's the best song in the world. Rock!
  6. Hello guys, I am Reggie and would like to be part of this growing community. I am a proud smoker and would like to learn more about weedz. Looking for friends here. I am hoping everyone is doing great.
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