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  1. Not that much, NodeMCU ESP9266/32 cost around R200 or R90 if you buy just the chip without USB (Not recommended) Relays are also cheap im guessing about 20 buck a piece for 5V/10A Add some wires and enclosure. So the ability to control remotely is kind of the basis and what the platform was designed to do in the first place . Scheduling is just a feature on top of it. The light sensor is handy to know when the lights are actually on or off. Had a look at some PPFD sensors. Seem like they go for around 200 bucks. Will look a bit more into it.
  2. Hey, Thought I'd share what I built. Over time I developed an IOT platform which allow people to register and integrate their micro controllers over HTTP/MQTT Turns out it works great for my grow tent. Using this platform I created this custom light controller which can control up to 4 10A lamps over MQTT. At the back there is a toggle switch which will toggle between online and off line mode. In offline mode the knob in front controls the 4 channels, all the way to the left is off and the more you dial it to the right the more LEDs comes on 50watt at a time. Enclosure was 3d printed. When in online mode it connects via MQTT to https:// Littlenodes.com you can create sensors and switches , I also added integration with Alexa in the form of a virtual button which can be triggered via a URL, Which in turn triggers an alexa routine. So if you have a sensor and any of the parameters goes out of range it can trigger alexa to say something like "Warning temperature sensor out of range!" And a little sensor box that measure lux, temp and humidity. And to top it off a dynamic image that will show live readings in my tent. So when ever you refresh this page it will show live readings updated to 1min ago. Bit over the top and maybe a little bit gimmicky but hey!
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