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  1. it's scary the lack of knowledge our local doctors have
  2. that's a pretty bad sign, displaying seeds which they not selling, no telling how old their stock could be. the prices are high but waiting from overseas orders gets to me.
  3. today I came across this website, which caught me by surprise, does anyone know of them and are they legit??
  4. thanks for the advice all, I'm going to add some nutrients and see how it goes
  5. just water, this is more of a learning experience for me, so interested to know about plant issues, soil types which are available locally and so on
  6. also my other plant seems fine no issues, same soil etc
  7. just normal potting mix I had around, should I just get rid of it and start with good soil?
  8. hi all, this is my first grow. Used bag seed so not too concerned. does anyone know what may be the cause? also I did my first transplant so could that be the issue?
  9. hi all, great to find this forum and learn from all of here
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