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  1. They say "daga" in inverted commas and use the term "manufactured" so definitely synthetic. Sent from Tapatalk
  2. Welcome Jellytot! :thumbups
  3. One thing is for sure, nothing is as it is depicted by mainstream media, propaganda is rife and sadly majority of our planets inhabitants who actually have full access to information are following hook, line and sinker. Do your research, the truth will set you FREE!
  4. Too good to be true? Yes... [uPDATE: NIDA has reached out to us to let us know that, in fact, they aren’t currently conducting the above-mentioned study, as has been misreported by a number of media outlets. We apologize for the confusion.]
  5. @syk0t1k Check out this link http://www.420sa.co.za/index.php?action=dlattach;topic=644.0;attach=3193;image I bought Coco Compact Potting Soil from www.hydroponic.co.za It already has nutrients added so all you have to do is add normal tap water. My orphan plant was transferred nearly a month ago into it and there is no indication that my plant is lacking ANY nutrients. It's most probably my healthiest of all my plants. Thanks for that! I buy all my supplies from them! I was planning on getting some of this: https://hydroponic.co.za/hydroponics/promix-organic/ But if you say the coco compact potting soil is the way to go, ill give it a try. Would it be sufficient for the plants entire life cycle?
  6. I definitely have not given up! It's just hard to pinpoint where exactly things went south, that coco mix was drying extremely quickly i wasn't watering until it was absolutely bone dry. The wet leaves was from light misting in an effort to bring up the RH. What i do know is that i germinated before my box was ready, so they sat without adequate lighting for a while. Then use of nutes when i shouldn't have. My next run is going to be with an organic soil mix, may be getting a cutting or two from a friend. What i don't know is how does feeding work with soil are nutes used or will the plants get everything they need from the medium? I hear you brother! it's an incredibly fascinating and highly addictive learning process! Thanks man, look out for the new post soon!
  7. So ive pulled all these babies, 2 months and no real significant growth... will restart using an organic soil mix. maybe in over my head with coco... look out for the restart.
  8. looking good! definitely in for this one, looking forward to seeing it completed!
  9. updates! So im down to 4 plants now the others were so stunted and looked least likely to make a comeback. This one looked terrible initially but appears to have bounced back quite nicely! Stoked! A bit droopy don't know if its normal but looking healthy. Not sure about this one... And last but not least:
  10. Managed to get temps down to a steady 25 degrees just by changing the location of my box. humidity is at 50% and should probably be a bit higher at this stage. Plant's have definitely made an improvement. im not ready to give up on them just yet! will post pic's later. This post should probably move to the grow log's section as that is what it has become!
  11. Check out this article for more information Thank's that site is one of my most visited bookmarks!
  12. So ive finally got my hand's on a temp & RH monitor. Temps are too high sitting at around 31 with a RH of about 60% i have now opened the door to my space slightly which has dropped temp down to 28 degrees. What is the optimum range, and any suggestion's on how to keep it there?
  13. Thank's ill give it a try, im getting to know the weights of the cups straight after watering, and as you mentioned above to where it feel's empty. Should i be introducing nutes yet? and when should they be moved to there final container?
  14. Update as of today, pulled a few today that were not dead but just not making any progress... i've left 5 that look as though they're making a comeback. Temp / Humidity monitor will arrive Monday, i have also added another fan for airflow. Watering once every 3 days with a light misting every now and then.
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