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  1. Haha yeah that's pretty relatable actually. Except for my Volcano, that doesn't have much learning to do (other than what temperature to dial it in at - the correct answer is 6)
  2. Ok maybe pull the stem a tiny inch away from the bottom of the oven? Now I'm just throwing things to see what sticks 🤣
  3. @Fridgedoor and @Ill_Evan how are you packing your vapes? I'm coming from an OG Air and a Solo II and I have no issues with airflow. You really do have to pack the stem lightly. Like, I suck up bud with the stem like a straw. Give it a lil tamp with a finger to make sure nothing falls out, and that's it. Also no need to overpack either
  4. Hahahhahahah no stress at all
  5. Fair enough. There ain't nothing wrong with that. Ease of use is also a big factor for me (in certain situations anyway). And having to be able to just press a button and pull is a pretty awesome feeling. Whaaaaaaaaaaaat?? Really? Yoh, ok. The Mighty has been a vape king for many a year now. But then again I haven't seen much with regards to the IQ 2. Do you have a link to share? Well I'm sure by then there'll be a handful of new version available. There's even talk of a Mighty+ as well (to match the Crafty+), but I haven't heard anything about that recently. I also can't imagine what kind of upgrades they could make (besides a removable battery - which is unlikely because it's S&B and none of their units have removable batteries) But @PsyCLown to give you an idea, if I had to buy a brand new first vape again, I would probably go with the Boundless CFX. Sure, if cost was no issue, I'd probably go with a Mighty. But I've really enjoyed my Boundless CF over the years, and although it's not the best unit in terms of flavour, it's always looked after me and gotten me high as fuck whenever I needed it too. Until the batteries run out at least... But with the CFX, the battery lasts much longer (from what I'm told anyway). But, if you're looking for flavour, I'd go with an Air II (if you want the replaceable battery option) or the Solo II (battery lasts a lot longer but isn't user replaceable). And then get a different set of kit for concentrates. Or, if you're willing to import a desktop unit, you can look into the Ditanium. Supposedly does herb and concentrate really well, and it's made of wood and steel, so very little pieces to break.
  6. Oooooh yes, I've been eyeing that for a while now. Supposedly the best flavour you can get out of a vape. I just wasn't too impressed with Vape Stores pricing on it though.... I like Sneaky Pete's stuff. My original vape source was 420VapeZone with Troy. Also does good video reviews. Very down to earth dude. So.... I wouldn't say it sacrifices the quality of the vape, and the taste is definitely there in the beginning (I'm using my Boundless CF as a reference, which is more of a conduction / convection mix) but it certainly trails off quickly. It might be worth looking into a desktop unit maybe? But if you're looking for something that does herb and concentrates, I think you're going to struggle. It's probably better to find a dedicated unit for herb and another for concentrate. From what I can tell, most units can't cover both bases comfortably. They generally lack in one area. Even my volcano doesn't do that well with concentrate, but in the herb department it knocks everything else out of the water. And I don't think I'd recommend any of the Arizer units for concentrates. Also, for concentrate, you need a much higher temperature than you would for bud and most vapes don't reach those high temps. So, for concentrates I would recommend something with a torch lighter. Or maybe one of the Dr.Dabber units? I've never used one of those before though. Haven't used either of these, and I can't actually remember if they're conduction / convection or a mix of both. But I do know that one of them (maybe the original IQ) the body of the unit would get quite warm in your hands.
  7. Hey Psy Unfortunately I haven't used a Pax before :/ This is a summary of what I know though: A solid conduction vaporiser, although frowned upon by some (because some see Pax as the Apple of the vaporiser world). The benefits of a conduction vape are that if you're coming from smoking, the transition can be somewhat easier. The Arizer vapes, for example, are convection vapes and can sometimes be a bit of a let down for those who are trying out a vape for the first time. Especially for those who smoke regularly and are used to that harsher feel on the throat. I've found that the Arizer vapes have more of a subtle feel when you're using them. Don't get me wrong they'll still get you HIGH AS FUCK, but some people prefer that harsher throat feel. With conduction, you lose out on a flavour, and you have to pack it down so that it can function at it's full potential (and that's why a lot of people tend to recommend the half-pack lids, because for a vape it can be a bit of a bud hog). But, you get big clouds. The convection vapes you don't need to pack them; literally just suck up some bud like you're using a straw, and you're good to go. But the benefits of Pax is that you shouldn't have any problems with parts or accessories (especially for us Saffers), so that's always something to keep in mind. I can't speak on behalf of the battery life. I have also heard that it can start to get a bit smelly. So, if that matters to you, then you might want to consider how often you'll be willing to clean it out properly. The Pax is probably the most discreet vape you can find (that I can think of at the moment anyway). But if you're looking for something similar.... you could also look at the Arizer Argo, Boundless CF/CFX/Tera (although the CFX and Tera are a bit on the large side, but make up for it in terms of battery life), or maybe one of the DaVinci vapes. If you're on a budget though, I really can't recommend the Dynavap enough. The M goes for about...R1500 at the moment? And yeah the torch thing (USE A BLOW TORCH LIGHTER) can be a bit of a bitch at times, but it really does perform rather phenomenally for what it is. You can go from huge bong size hits, to light tasty ones. It also uses fuck all bud, which is always a plus. But I wouldn't use it in a group session (unless it's only 2 people). I think this is probably the most relevant point though. You enjoyed using the Pax. So, you can't go wrong basically. BUT! Variety is the spice of life. Maybe something different that you haven't tried before would be even better? I dunna... Just a thought. Anyway, hope this helps. Apologies for the essay, I got carried away again. TL;DR: Figure out how you're going to be using your vape. Is it going to only be you? Are you going to be smoking at home, or more when you're out and about? Does flavour and saving bud matter to you? Is battery life something you need to take into consideration? Will it be used with a water pipe? EDIT: Should maybe look at starting a general vape thread EDIT 2: New thread here for anyone interested:
  8. Sure, no problem. The Solo isn't too discreet, but it's a solid unit. Purely the weight of it in your hand is reassuring that it'll last a long time. Enjoy! :D
  9. Sure thing. Wall of text incoming, but there's a TLDR at the bottom. For context I've got: ⦁ Arizer Solo II ⦁ Arizer Air I ⦁ Boundless CF ⦁ Dynavap M ⦁ Volcano Classic ⦁ Magic Flight Launch Box ⦁ Enano My daily drivers include, the Boundless CF, Solo II and the Dynavap M. My favourite? Sho, that's difficult... Probably the Solo II, I guess. But, they all have their different uses and I really enjoy all of them. Solo II & Air I'd say the Solo is my favourite because of it's build quality, battery and taste. It gets me pretty damn high, pretty damn quickly, even though a session can last about 15 minutes. Both the Arizers are great if I want a bit more flavour in my session. Or if the battery on my CF is dead. The Arizer batteries just don't stop, which is great. The Air and the Solo are pretty similar. The only difference is that the Air has pre-set temps instead of variable temp control on the Solo. There's also a tiiiiiiiiny bit more draw resistance to the Air. But otherwise they both function basically the same. Boundless CF The CF is great for ease of use. I don't smoke much anymore, so I can make a bowl last 3 sessions. I just have to press a button, wait for it to heat up and start puffing. Also great if I wanna smoke a bowl in bed. Great clouds, but the problem is the battery. Also not the best tasting vape out there. If I didn't have my CF and I had the money to add something else to the mix, I would probably reach for a Mighty, because in terms of use, it seems to match a lot of the things I like about the CF. Dynavap M I enjoy using the M when I want a handful of small hits over the evening. They're nice and light, but before you know it, you're higher than a kite. It's also great if I just want 2 big lung busters. Especially good with a water pipe (I tend to use mine without water). The torch can be a bit of a pain in the ass at times though. Volcano Classic The Volcano is great for groups, or if you just want to get smashed (or if you have a high tolerance). Problems? It's a plug in, and it can be a bit noisy. But it's got great tasting vapor, always consistent, built like a tank and super simple to use. Magic Flight Launch Box The Flight Box has been out of commission for a while. It's a pain in the ass to be honest. It was my first vape a good few years ago, and it served me well, even though I did go back to smoking joints shortly after I got it. It just can't keep up with any of my other vapes at the moment. Enano The Enano has, what I believe to be, a broken heating element. It's still under warranty, so I need to arrange an RMA. When I did use it, it was fan-fucking-tastic. It's like a cross between the Arizers and the Dynavap. It's a desktop unit, but SUPER small so it can sit on my desk without being an obstruction. It also works like the Solo or Air where you can just suck up a tiny bit of herb, and get blasted, but in the same time as it would take you to get a hit off of the Dynavap, minus the torch. TL;DR: If I had to choose to keep two, I'd probably go for the Solo II and the Dynavap. They're very different in function, and I like mixing things up. But I would really miss my CF as well. Let me know if you want to know anything else
  10. Item: Arizer Air silver vaporiser Age: 1 year 4 months Price: 2000 Warranty: Remainder of 2 year warranty (international though, but they're very easy to deal with) Packaging: Yes, complete Condition: 9/10 - See below Location: Cape Town, Southern Suburbs Reason: Not using anymore Shipping: Your arrangement, cost and risk Collection: Preferred This is a great device. Solid build quality, with a lifetime warranty on the heating element. I haven't used this device in a long time, because I already have a Solo 2, Dynavap, Boundless CF etc etc. You get the picture... The packaging is complete, and even includes the lavender herbs that came with it. Unfortunately there are no screens, and the glass tube with mouth piece has been used. See below for more info: Included: Air battery Charger Glass tube 70mm and stem cap Glass aroma dish Belt-clip carry case Clear protective silicone skin Maybe? Glass tube with mouth piece (this has been used, but it can be cleaned if you want it included) Stainless steel stirring tool (I'll need to double check if I still have this)
  11. Item: Volcano Classic Vaporizer with Easy Valve Age: 2 years 7 months Price: 5500 Warranty: Remainder of 3 years with Vape Store Packaging: Yes Condition: 9/10 Location: Cape Town, Southern Suburbs Reason: Not using anymore Shipping: Prefer not to because of the size Collection: Yes, preferred This is a feeler for the moment until I can fully commit to giving this beauty away. If you are interested though, just send me a message. The device works perfectly and is in mint condition. The chamber has been cleaned regularly. The reason the condition is listed as 9/10 is because some of the original contents won't be included in the deal. See below: Included: One sealed bag with adapter Unused liquid pad set Sealed replacement balloons - 3 metres long, which will make 3 fresh bags (or one monster one). Easy valve filling chamber reducer Magazine with 8 dosing capsules - these fit the filling chamber reducer above Replacement filling chamber clips Replacement filling chamber O-rings There should be some extra screens, but I'll have to double check. NOT included: Volcano herb mill / grinder - This has been used. But you're probably better off using your own grinder anyway. 4x EASY VALVE Balloon with Mouthpiece - Unfortunately these have all been used, and for safety reasons (i.e COVID) I won't include them in the deal. 1x cleaning brush - Again, because of COVID this won't be included Pics on request.
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