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  1. @Bospatrollie2 osmotic pressure science is real.
  2. @StickyD420 thank you for your opinion im sad I did not know this befor buying the green house .... so I can veg them in the green house and then flower them in the sun?
  3. @SAgrower I live in a valley on a farm there is mountains on everyside of my house , and then by 6 pm the sun is behind the mountain... does the greenhouse tunnel help with sunlight intensity? Cus they are in a green house
  4. Thank you alll for your input ... im going to have a look today , is it possible to move the plants outside at 6 the moring and inside at 6 at night to keep them in flowering mode?
  5. @afternoon blazer thats some good news ... the last pic is my babba kush plant she has been in flowering for 2 months now and still clear tricomes,😥
  6. @CreX bro i cant help it im a newbie I have to look with my hands.🤣
  7. Hey guys my winter buds are looking good.. giving I have gave them no extra firt or nutes to start with... I would like to know why some of my top buds on my plants are one day rock solid and the next like a spunge ?... I dont get it
  8. @StickyD420 oky that is also very true thank you.
  9. @StickyD420 thank you for the advise I know now that I can use my bally seeds to learn and f@ck with to be able to grow good with quality seed.. am I right by saying that?
  10. @StickyD420 I need to actually get in touch with him.... I want to plant my greenhouse full but im not sure if my genetics are trust worthy so I want to compensate and plant 30 instead of 15 just in case i lose some due to bad genes , but then IF they all are perfect then im going to cry😥🤣🤣🤣
  11. @StickyD420 The price I paid says it is from a harvested plant. But he told me he breeds for seed. His son is a professional grower in Lesotho so I think I can trust him.. But I know nothing about these genetics😥
  12. @Bakstein420 These are the Genetics I have. They are from a guy who calls himself BudBally.
  13. @StickyD420 they are from a Old guy i used to buy bud from He calls himself Budbally he owns a 420 BnB in Mtunzini. I bought the greenhouse from him aswell.
  14. @Bospatrollie2 I know nothing about the genetics but this is the seeds I have
  15. @StickyD420 dude I would love thay But my mom is very hardass with the whole Covid thing....but I will keep asking and learning and maby oneday I can do a collab
  16. @Bakstein420 so what do you recommend me doing try and get them to 60 cm and the force flowering...or do the normal thing where I leave it to veg for 8 weeks and then switch it over?
  17. @Bospatrollie2 I only have Photoperiod seeds so for now I will make due with what I have . So if I wanna produce good bud I need to plant big and hope it will stock me and the fam till next harvest? But thanks for all the advise you guys will be hearing from me alot!
  18. @Bospatrollie2 I want to grow my plant to 1.2 M and then strat the process off moving them inside at night and outside for day...for the 12 12 light cycle I know its hard work but im using potting bags and i dont have bigger than 20 L so hence the size.
  19. @CreX I rol 20 joints everyday for the last 6 months we are heavy stoners so its been a very costly game... I want all the money we spending on kush to start funding my plants...but for now I cant cuz my bud aint good enough yet😁🤣
  20. @CreX oky thank you for the advice , for now im very low budget and trying to grow with what I got...
  21. @CreX oooh ps I love constructive criticism I know I have a lot to learn so Im hanging on every word you saying ...so thank you keep it coming😁
  22. @CreX Thank you for the tips... She is in a very small poting bag so it makes sens ... At the momment I have all purpose gardening fertilizer with a npk of 2;2;2 and its a slow release
  23. @CreX okay awesome thank you so much for the advise and tips... I want to buy the just Cannabis Organic living soil, whats your thoughts on that?
  24. My pant is starting to brown its leaves and i have not a clue what could be wrong...maby she is root bound but im not sure..
  25. @CreX Thank you for the tips on the Manure I will stay away from meat eaters shit...I like what you said about the Goats cuz my goats been eating my washing from the line XD
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