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  1. Will see how it works though it's not bad for 9 1L
  2. I'm using soil kind of a pro mix... Yes it's has reg numbers... ... Naaa it's not suger water the stuff has alot of substance and ec are high the smells all range like fairy dust is a deep yellow colour with a medicine smell to it. Genius has a pungent smell of seaweed with another aroma that kind of neutralizes it probably the willow.gold brix is sweet set the stage earthy trance earthy sweet you add the mixes have a good tea colour to it with using min amounts the only one that seems to have a little substance is take up
  3. I've checked Jamie's garden I get all soil and amendments from there.. For the last 2 years or more.. Really cool
  4. Where do you get your stuff from for your little ones
  5. All 1l bottles a set of 9... They do have reg act 30 something they send it all to you when ordered
  6. Awesome got it did a mix and even though I did a mix for veg with 5 product the ph was on the money.. At 6.2 decided to play and use the max dosage that's in there grow guide went to 5.82.. Min dose just above 6.5
  7. Will do going to collect it from post net this arvie with delivery about 1250
  8. Will do its coming today so will keep you posted. They actually gave me like 600 Rand discount as they are working on a launch still which is pretty cool atleast..lets see how it goes
  9. Trance I see is used in transition and fairy dust probably a bloom boost
  10. That's true well too late now got it it'll probably last me 2 years with the recommended dosage haha don't think that was thought through
  11. Yeah seems like it has all that will give it a go got some stuff I haven't seen like phytoplankton willow extract beeswax what is Phytohormones and auxins and vitamins do plant need vitamins😅. IL give it a shot
  12. Just want to know they selling a set of 9 products that gets used throughout the grow. They say each strain is different and would need different attention and they'll have a guide with the products... Should I trust this.. 9 products seems a bit much for some secrete recipe.
  13. Not to sure maybe cheese just random seed from my stash
  14. Cmassimo

    Yellow Leaves

    Are you maybe reusing soil by any chance
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