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  1. Hi guys, I finally got around to doing what I originally wanted to do, which is make vape oil with my rosin press. My last attempt wasn't satisfying. I changed my approach to making bubble hash first and then pressing the hash. Bonus here being you can use your trimmings and rejects. I documented it on my forum, it's a lengthy series of posts so I rather not repeat that exercise on my phone again, so have a look here, starting at this post: https://thegrotto.co.za/forum/threads/the-cannabis-chronicles.116/post-16678
  2. Oh wait, that's huge! No wonder the 15 ton press. Mine is about 100 x 85 mm.
  3. My plan is to either press with 90 or 37 micron bags, then liquidize it with Dablabz, then press it through a 22 micron syringe filter. The end result is to fill my own vape carts for personal use. Saw this in some of the rosin press -> vape cart videos I watched. Looks like this.
  4. Got some of my Amazon filter order today. Pressed some of the last of my under developed blueberry with 90 microns and it makes a huge difference. Consistency was sticky putty, now it's sticky crystalline. The silicone paper also makes it a breeze to collect. Could also press it twice. I'm waiting for the 22 micron syringe filter attachments, should make it even clearer. And of course need to wait months for my crop to mature to get the full effect.
  5. This is the next step I need to figure out. When I harvest, how long to dry, how to store it etc. I've been told it's best at 62% humidity and frozen a few days after harvesting and drying. But I'm unsure about the details. Do I need stuff like this? https://vapestore.co.za/accessories/Storage/boveda-pack https://vapestore.co.za/accessories/Storage/cvault Or is a zip lock bag ok for freezing? When do I freeze it? A week after harvest? Should I have it in the container with the boveda pack for a few days before freezing? Do I need to remove the boveda pack before freezing? Do I need to defrost before pressing?
  6. Went with Amazon with fast delivery. Unfortunately all the stuff I have to press isn't great but it's good for practice and I am vaping it. Can't wait to press the good stuff...
  7. This guy sells locally, can any vouch for this site? http://www.rosinpress.co.za/product/rosin-press-bag-3x6-20s-36-90-115-150-micron/
  8. Who do you buy it from and how microns? What temperature and duration do you use?
  9. I used the default setting which was 87C and presses for 120s. Will drop it to 80C and 100s.
  10. Don't know as I don't have a scale. The manufacturer says to expect 15%-17% from decent homegrown stored at 62% humidity (frozen) and 9% from others.
  11. First test press. Used some under mature (long story) Dutch Passion Blueberry. Was probably 3g. The resulting goo can be dabbed but for vaping you need to liquify it (awaiting).
  12. Bought the locally made Bulldog Presses rosin press. Good god this is well engineered. It weighs 18 kg! A bit more expensive (R6,000 vs R7,5000) than Chinese and other locally made presses, but totally worth it. Just waiting for the terpenes to arrive this week and I'll fire it up and make my first vape juice. 😄
  13. Here's a much more affordable unit: http://just-cannabis.co.za/product/mini-rosin-press/
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