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  1. I did spray mine with Pyrol twice, but also adjusted PH which was out. I was not letting enough nutrient run off after feeding and I think it created nutrient lockout which came out in the form of funny looking leaves as in my pics. I flushed with 5l of PH'd Florakleen in each plant and then waited until the next feed, and fed them a weak nutrient solution of PH 6.0. They are both looking really healthy now. I've just pruned them over the last 2 nights, readying them for the 12-12 flip on the weekend. I cam across no signs of any pests. I am 99% sure my issue was PH and not thrips, otherwise all my other plants would've had it as well, and I would have seen some insects in my grow room. Good luck πŸ™‚
  2. I've just sprayed again both trees. Difficult to get under all the leaves as she is quite bushy! Tried my best. Also flushed both trees with 10 litres of PH 6.3. Will see how they go. Do I just repeat the spray every 2-3 days until they're gone? What's the life cycle of these pests?
  3. I've posted this on another forum as well, and the guys there definitely think it's nutrient lockout. I'm going to give her a proper flush and then Calmag the water before adding nutrients. I'll report back in a few days... Thanx for the advice πŸ™‚
  4. I meant grown not green. Pred text. my Do Si Do is 100’s. 3 inches apart and no symptoms at all. I was leaning towards thrips due to the fact I could see a faint almost snail trail on the top of the leaves affected. I’ll continue with Pyrol once a week and see how she goes... Thanx πŸ™πŸ»
  5. That does look very similar πŸ‘πŸ» the really strange thing is that I have another girl next to her, Do Si Do, green exact same way. They were next to each other outdoors before moving inside. She’s totally healthy on the exact same feed?! not sure if the nutrients are to blame if they reacting differently. Sunset Sherbert defo more temperamental though. how did u control ur Thrips??
  6. Hey guys, Wondering if you could help me diagnose what this is on my leaves?? This plant is a feminized seed, Sunset Sherbert, and was grown outdoors in a pot from seed over the summer. She was left to her own as I had just finished an intensive 1st hydro grow op and had no energy for more plants at the time. After summer she was ready to harvest, but was smaller than a bonzai, at only 20cm height, but with tiny little nuggets. About 10 joints worth! Haha! At this point, I moved her into my grow room, and put the lights on 18-6, and she has now matured into a 4ft high monster, still in veg cos I am just starting my hydro setup again in the same room. She'll be in veg for another month i reckon before my hydro catches up and I flip. She has developed this kind of disease to her lower and middle leaves. The top is healthy and green. This one has been very temperamental from the start in the grow room, but I've looked after her and she is doing well. I am concerned about her though, and did some research online and looked at pics, and seems like thrips to me, which I have never encountered before. I've tried to take a pic of the slightly shiny deposit on the tops of the leaves, which is why I think it might be thrips. I have scoured the plant, but can find no sign of any living creatures in the foliage, which is strange. One of my hydro girls, Purple Punch, 1 week in the hydro setup, is also affected, but also doing really well and going crazy in growth already. Please could one of you guys help me out with a diagnosis... I have bought Biogro Organic Pyrol, and mixed a 20ml/litre solution and sprayed all my plants as well as I can this morning before they went to sleep. Hoping this helps them "recover" from whatever is afflicting them... Thanx in advance...
  7. I was interested to see this video, as he employs a cooling sink which run the liquid straight over the thermocouple. I thought that this would be a better way of cooling, although then you would be running your nutes through this all the time (not necessarily a bad thing). I was surprised that his temps don't go much cooler than 20C. I got my res down to 18C within just over an hour... And this was using the fan in the opposite direction. Mine extracts the cool air through the bigger fins and blows it onto the res, and uses the smaller heatsink to dissipate the heat. I didn't use thermal paste though! I have ordered some, and a 2nd thermocouple to add to my little setup, so will let you know how much more effective it is with a 2nd thermocouple and some cooling paste...
  8. So far so good. Worst case scenario it stops working. Just replace the module and start again. They're very cheap...
  9. Bearing in mind the surface of the thermo-couple gets to these temps. Once you employ the heat sink it dissipates quickly. Don't worry, you won't be blowing -30C onto your nutes! 🀣 Probably closer to around 15C or so... πŸ‘Œ
  10. In case some of you are wondering, there is a real easy way to cool your reservoir down. I found mine was getting up to around ambient temps in the grow room of 24C. Obviously at this temp algae and root rot is a very real possibility. Check out https://www.netram.co.za/3712-tec1-peltier-cool-kit.html?search_query=peltier&results=3 Its called a Peltier Thermo-electric Fan. It works on a thermo-electric module that you only apply 12v to and it gets 70C on the one side and -30C on the other side. Couple it with a heat sink and a fan (see the website) and it can blow cool air onto your nutrients to keep them cold. I bought from these guys on Monday and it was delivered by Wednesday. I installed it last night, and ran the fan into a small length of ducting so that the fan does not fasten directly to my reservoir lid and rust through condensation, and wallah! The nutrient temps went from 23.4C to 18.7C in around an hour! I bought this... https://www.netram.co.za/4377-xh-w1209-temperature-controller.html from the same supplier and hooked it up to control the switching of the fan and cooler and it works a dream! All of this for under R600!! The only other thing you would need to purchase to make this work would be a 100w 12v LED driver. Mine is a 300w as this is what I had on hand. Problem solved!!! Let me know what you think? πŸ™‚
  11. My little girls looking WAY better after the Calmag! Thanx a lot for the help in this respect. I will be getting my Flora series nutes next week, so my next feed will be with the Flora, but I will add a 150ppm mix of Calmag to all my feeds from now on. My garden is beginning to grow nicely and looking real healthy. Will post pics in the next few weeks so you can see the progress...
  12. Hey guys, just a quick note... Calmag arrived today. Mixed up a new batch of feed. Let me just say that when you mix the Calmag with 10l of water you are looking for about a heaped teaspoon to get 150ppm mix. I started by pouring the bag in, and ended up with a 2500ppm mix! πŸ˜‚ My girls are fed and will wait and see how they adjust to the calmat water and nutes. πŸ™‚
  13. Calmag didn't arrive with the shipment. Hopefully here today. In the meantime have dropped to ph 5.8, and plants all seem okay for the time being. Flushed with Florakleen for 24h and fed them nutes yesterday for the next week. Will add Calmag when it arrives. Flora Bloom finally back in stock end of the week, so should have it for the next feed around Tuesday next week. Nutrient temps seem to hover around room temp at 24C, which is a little high. Have ordered a thermocool fan and temperature controller to blow into the reservoir to cool the nutes. Quite excited to set it up. This is now week 3 since I transplanted into NFT, but only 1 of my plants has a root system in the NFT. The rest are about an inch away, getting splashed, and sending out exploratory roots, but not found the nft film yet. The one that has found the nutes has grown a lot and its main root is about a foot long now! Just a question to those in the know... If these roots start to clog up the drain hole, what do I do? Can I prune the roots or will this kill the plants?? Thanx guys πŸ™‚
  14. @Kgrows I'm eagerly awaiting the Calmag and will do the feed this evening and report back πŸ˜‰
  15. @Kgrows I have ordered the Flora series a few weeks ago but there was no Bloom in stock so am awaiting delivery of the Bloom before I change over to Flora instead of Nutriplex. If I use the tables that Nutriplex gives me for seedlings I get a ppm of just under 300. Therefore to get to a ppm of 800 I would almost be tripling the recommended dosage?! Is this correct?? I have ordered Calmag and it is out for delivery today. How important is Calmag if using Nutriplex as opposed to using it with Flora? Is it a necessity no matter which nutes you use? πŸ˜‰
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