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  1. Had good luck with international post early this year in Cape Town via a private noncommercial source. No extreme fuss iro packaging(which actually should have had a lot a more attention paid to :-) ). Collected my item at Post Office. :-D
  2. Yes but. The one person is in Cape Town but that was a week or 2 ago. Apparently given a month or so by the oncologist iro life expectancy. And not experienced to best my knowledge iro pot. It is terrible! Extremely frustrating as these people could be helped if one knew where to acquire ysafe & good quality extract. ZA government is useless & has no person with power & the balls to make it happen. RHAAA!
  3. yes, it was that article. Caught me fully! Thank you for the reality check.
  4. Recent announcement per Facebook indicates increased open internet surveillance against dagga. I don't have a link to the post. (Anyway, we do need to roll the dice for a better future. Or else.)
  5. The 'forces of darkness' are ready to defend against free & legal choice. I think an increase in psyco related studies started a year ish ago. And the defence is using a variety of of methods at the same time. Eg gmo. Gmo allows plants to be owned, including being able to actually literally take over neighbouring plant crops by contaminating them. Which means your crop in your field then belongs to whoever owns the patent right. Also, note the laws etc being pushed to restrict and ban alternative natural medicine. See the UN globalisation strategy and documents. We, our rights, choices & well being are under multiple attacks. I really think the activist & other groups need to join together under a larger common umbrella, and make some noise.
  6. Never tried vaping. Will do if opportunity presents. Ditto for aquiring a good Volcano too.
  7. I hang around in several groups. One is a Disabled people's movement. People in this group sometimes mention issues as problems that I believe dagga can help with. Eg medical complaints, access to meds, employment, etc. Difficult to know how to raise broach the matter. Also, another group I belong to has members in za who are dire medical situations similar to Mario in severity & who wish to use dagga oil but can't locate a source.
  8. I have a condition known as bladder spasm. Was prescribed a pill called Urispas. So one waits for the pill to work which is usually around an hour ish. And it fails to work meaningfully, if at all. Yet a quick application of flame to the end of my medicinal joint and voila! The dagga smoothes out the spasm intensity as well as permitting some control of the spasm itself. Am very disappointed in the so called health 'profession'. The medical & pharma cartels ought to be brought in line & rehabilitated. Certainly recent publicity has revealed these cartels for what they really are.
  9. Nausea & vomiting are issues for which dagga has no equal, in my experience. The Indica or 'heavier' type dagga strains probably higher in CBD are best for this. An elevating high type strain has very low impact on nausea but simply means having to use more to achieve & maintain comfort. I have used smoking via joint to treat my nausea moments. This allows fast & convenient removal of nausea & or vomiting. Relief is almost immediate. It allows myself to continue functioning independently almost as normal, whereas the alternative means hospitalization for a few weeks to month or so. The doctors know this yet continue hiding up their bankers bottoms.
  10. I have not seen much. Am appalled at the behaviour of the medical profession with regard to our well being and health. This behaviour is echoed by the state and other parasitical organs thereof. Even CANSA is 'wrong'.(this org is happy with the drugs legally permissible including those for the treatment of nausea). All above cartels are involved somehow with supply from drug labs the police are unlikely to raid. These cartels enjoy privileges under the Health banner yet, clearly, control, monopoly & profit are their gods.
  11. Good evening! Am flappers from Muizenberg. First smoked around 1980. Grow space limited by sunlight. Dagga indispensable for several issues including nausea, sleep, spasms & stuff. Via joint. I would like to 'fix' or demolish the corporations who 'rule' by corruption & malpractice. Actively oppose genetic altered plants & products including glyphosate. Am a supporter of Iqela Lentsango & a member of COSS. I smoke alone. Must dash!
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