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  1. Thanks buddy, just begun to germinate seeds for my next grow, I have a small fluorescent cabinet for seedling stage
  2. Leka leka brother, things are going beautifully in my opinion lol (I have zero grow experience) thankfully my building is in between two bigger buildings so my balcony only receives direct sunlight between 8am snd 12:30 which worked out perfectly since I'm using an 18/6 cycle for my autos, temps have gone up to a max of 31 degrees without any visible damage to the plant so I was thankful for that. I ran 2 strains, big bud and white widow from bulk seed bank and they havent given me much issues to be honest I will be starting a flush on the white widow starting from this sunday since I'm using the recommended 7 week flowering time. The big bud is in 7 day of flower today and she seems like she will be putting on quite the show in near future I ordered a 60x mini microscope which came in a nick of time before the lock down so I was able to get some shots of the trichomes(white widow) which seem like they are still clear and need more time, I am going for mostly cloudy with a few amber, maybe around 10% amber The grow cabinet is light and water proof and doesnt retain much heat as well I have 145 odd true watts from those Samsung strips running at 1050a and I'm not sure what this yield is going to be but fingers crossed.... Sent from my SM-N970F using Tapatalk
  3. Shot for the offer brother, will definitely take you up on it Sent from my SM-N970F using Tapatalk
  4. Lol shot for the advice, will have to try to take it inside.... Sent from my SM-N970F using Tapatalk
  5. No way I can have it inside, will setup the space and test the temperature throughout the day hopefully I can get between the 20 to 30 mark....fingers crossed Sent from my SM-N970F using Tapatalk
  6. The closer and closer I get to completion the more worried about temps i get, I think I will need to get the inline fan asap.... Sent from my SM-N970F using Tapatalk
  7. Shot for the advice brother, I think I am on the right track thus far, seedlings are about 10 days old and are looking healthy, when they get to about 14 days I will move them from fluorescent to led and into the grow box and increase the nutrient concentration(using the 2 part general hydroponics for coco), a fan will be pushing air out of the slot port on the top of the box which hopefully solves the temperature problem but I will monitor the temps and take it from there. We are entering into a cooler part of the year so that will help as well. For lights I'm using 6 x samsung strips with 77 lm561c diodes per board with a mixture of 3000k and 4000k driven at 1050a which should give me a actual draw of 150 true watts. Sent from my SM-N970F using Tapatalk
  8. Will design the slots so that there isnt any light leakage Sent from my SM-N970F using Tapatalk
  9. The door will be on the short side of the box when I open it the door will swing outward blocking the opening of the box, unfortunately I will have to remove the pots each time I need to train them, it's a sacrifice that I'm willing to make since the alternative being not growing at all lol Sent from my SM-N970F using Tapatalk
  10. Yeah it is light proof but as for temps I'm just hoping that it not gna be a problem but if it is I will have to install an inline fan and duct air out, here in durban temperatures have been abnormally high recently, currently in my enclosed seedling box temperatures have reached the 32 mark but so far so good plants seem okay, if an inline fan doesnt do the trick then I will have to invest in an air cooler perhaps. Sent from my SM-N970F using Tapatalk
  11. Hi guys, wanted to show you guys my diy aluminum grow box. Most of the materials were stuff that I have collected that have been discarded The frame was made of aluminium pieces that are commonly used for dry walling which I got from an office park that was being renovated, I got these 5mm plastic sheets to cover the frame and enclose the box. I was restricted to using weather friendly materials since this box will be placed outside and recieve about 4 hours of direct sunlight on my balcony therefore aluminium and plastic were perfect. The base is a piece of shutter board with 6 legs on the bottom which was the only thing I actually paid for. Took my father in law and I about 6 hours to complete the structure which was mounted onto the wall on my balcony Sent from my SM-N970F using Tapatalk
  12. Terrible weed! More seeds, stems and leaves than actual bud. Street dealers have way better quality than that, may I ask what price per gram you paid for this crap? Sent from my SM-N970F using Tapatalk
  13. I was thinking of installing a slot port on the top of the box with a fan directing air towards that port with a similar sized port diagonally across to passively feed fresh air into the box, I'm also going to install a small fan to brush over the canopy so I'm a little unsure as to how that will work in terms of air flow..... Sent from my SM-N970F using Tapatalk
  14. Covering it with some 5mm plastic sheets that I got from work, going to line the inside with myalar, the lights will be suspended on rachet hooks from a cross member on the roof of the box so I will be able to adjust the height as my ladies grow. Sent from my SM-N970F using Tapatalk
  15. This is where I am thus far, the final dimensions of the grow cabinet is 100cm x 60cm x 180cm which will have to suffice for 2 plants. All these were made from recycled materials that I have collected from my father in law who works in construction [emoji16], hopefully by this weekend I plan to finish up the box and wire the light. I have 2 small plants which have been under 2 x 100w ( 20w actual watts per bulb) fluorescent bulbs currently in my biltong box and they seem quite happy. Using seeds from biltong and buds, 1 white widow auto and 1 big bud auto which are currently 9 days old still in small cups which I will transfer into 1L containers before moving to their final home, 2 x 22L pots. Sent from my SM-N970F using Tapatalk
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