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  1. Thanks for the advice bro. I flipped then a few days ago. Will choose my Cup winner in a few days or so just to make 100% sure, I don't want any surprises. They looking really good and I'm starting to see some nice bud sites taking form. Looking forward to the next few weeks.
  2. Week 12 - The Sex'ening So this week was a very interesting week to say the least, I was a bit nervous in the beginning as i had 2 plants turn male on me, this then left me with 3 plants remaining. A few days later, the remaining 3 started to show their female bits and it was like a gift from the heavens.... i got a slight glimmer of hope at this stage and got me thinking i could still make it to the end. Plant 5 is roughly 35cm tall and is the bigger out of the 3 plants, i will make my final decision in the next few days as to who will be the lucky lady who will bag me a victory. I have now also introduced a 400 Watt HPS to the mix and they really have adjusted well. Light cycle in full swing now at 12/12. SADLY........ the weird leaved not so unicorn turn out to be a boy, this was a sad day indeed. Happy Growing All
  3. @Totemic damn and here I thought I had a unicorn. Thanks bud.
  4. Week update So I think I need to pull an extra month out the hat somehow but otherwise been a easy going week, growth is still steaming along nicely and the young girls are strong and healthy. I will be needing to flip them soon if i want to stand any chance of getting harvest by the end of the comp. Will introduce the HPS in the next few days for extra OOOOOOMMMPH. Plant 1 still pushing out weird leaves, has anyone else seen any updates with something similar? Would be interesting to see, I might be the only lucky one.;-) Happy growing
  5. Week10 - Final Destinations So re-potted this week into bigger pots and they all seem to be loving the extra leg room. Plants have taken well to their new homes and i am not expecting much slow in growth as they have been all looking strong and healthy and taken really well. Thank goodness as I am wanting to cram as much growth in the next few days/weeks before the flippening. I have notice a wierd growth deformation on Plant 1's leaves, 2 strange fingers protruding from the centre of the leaf. Looks really cool and excited to see what comes of this beauty. Overall a really good week and looking forward to the next few days as the young lasses (hopefully) all settle. Happy Growing 😉
  6. .... I am terribly sorry for late post but i did let admin know as I was away on a business trip... Week9.5 Everything has been going smoothly and my Girlfriend was on watch while i was away... Will re-pot in the upcoming week into bigger pots, I definitely have my eye on a few favourites at the moment and will see how they take to the new pot size. I have also introduced some organic nutes with added Calmag and Epsom salts for good measure. They are coming along nicely now but will expect some growth delay in the re-potting. Happy growing
  7. Week 8 Growth really starting to speed up, hoping to be able to catch. Wont be topping these babies so will just keep them going so not to stress them any further.
  8. Week 7 - There is a little shinning glimpse of hope!!!! So, as per the title (so elegantly named) there might be a lil glimpse of hope for the young lasses. It really has been a long battle getting them to recover but there is definitely signs of growth. It is now getting to a stage where I am seeing new growth daily, so hoping for a good few weeks coming up. Still have a looong way to go but will hang in there and keep at it. Let me know what you guys think.. Happy growing.
  9. Week5 Slow and little progress but they still alive. Looking at harvesting 2020 😉 Will keep them going however way out compared to the rest.
  10. Week 4 This post is written with a heavy heart.... My timer broke while I went away for the weekend and the lights stayed beaming for over 72 hours, the heat was to much and my seedlings have been badly damaged. (The heat soaked up any humidity also draining them) I am sure i am out of the running's but will continue trying to get them to recover. Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Happy growing to the rest.
  11. Using Voodoo? Nice well done homie, great job.
  12. Week 2 (10 June 2019) We have 6 out of 6............ however, one seems to be battling a bit but will keep her going as these sometimes turn out to be the best. A little Strange though as they were all subjected to the same conditions. I have been keeping the seedlings under a few 15 Watt CFL lights for 24 hours for a few days now. (I find this jumps starts growth, I have absolutely no scientific evidence of this though..😉 ) The roots have developed and have broken through the jiffies nicely and I have re-potted them into small 15cm pots. I mixed my own Medium on this one and used a mixture of Germination mix, Coco peat, Vermiculite and Perlite all bought at the local garden shop. No other nutrients yet added to the water or soil. Water at a PH between 6 and 6.5 Light cycle of 18/6 will be introduced gradually. Thorough clean has been done inside the grow tent from last grow using bleach. All in all Week 2 has been a successful one. Happy Growing!!
  13. Looking good there homie.
  14. Thanks alot bud. Looking forward to seeing what they produce....... hopefully. 😉
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