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  1. The End Buds have been curing in glass jars with Integra Boost packs for a few days now and been burping for a few minutes a day. Buds have dried out a bit too much but hoping for the packs to level things out a bit. Managed to get a dry weight of 29 grams so lost about 20 grams in the drying process. Not too bad considering. I would just like to thank everyone for the giving me hope, advice, likes and comments throughout this amazing experience, I will definitely be partaking in the next comp. Admin thank you for keeping me in this comp as well and not disqualifying me... really appreciate it. 😉 This has been a fun and stressful grow as I really did not think I was going to make it this far but alas all ended well and I have some real dank to smoke as fruits of the labour. Nothing really quite like it !!!!!!! Till next time
  2. Hey Highchome Got a whopping 49grams wet. Also not very accurate at the moment. Will update on dry weight in a few days.
  3. The Finale So the time has finally come, a sad one indeed but I am super relieved that the finish line is near. It has been a tough ride but I think she turned out perfect. The Harvest She ended up being just over 52cm tall with one main thick cola at roughly 20cm long with some pretty nice size nug's hanging off her side. I gave her a trim and cut off as many leaves as I could while she was still planted. I am drying the buds by hanging upside down on fishing gut and have kept them all on the stems hoping for this to delay the drying process a bit longer. With the current heat wave in JHB I think they will be ready for curing in a couple days. It has been a blessing to be apart of such an awesome comp and have thoroughly enjoyed watching everyone else's trials and tribulations. Will update on the buds in a couple days. Blessings and Happy harvesting
  4. Hi Guys, Going to harvest in a few days. Just need to make sometime. She is looking great tho. Will update soonest Happy growing
  5. Week 20 I must just apologise about the previous post, i have absolutely no idea it was all scrambled like that, i posted from my phone. Back to the baby..... This little beast is packed with buds and they pretty rock solid, stench to match! Tri's are starting to turn so i am wondering if it isnt almost time for chop chop. Well done to everyone for hanging in there, been a rocky road. Happy Growing!!
  6. Week 19 - Frosting on top Quick update, beautiful little dense nugs she has. They are super sticky to the touch and the smell is something remarkable. Leaves starting to curl a little, could be due to high temps but it has been relatively cool the last few days. Seems like the nugs are sucking her dry. Getting to the final stages now and absolutely no regrets.
  7. Week 18 - The hair cut Heading into the last month I decided to go ahead and give a some what light defoliation which kinda turned into something a bit more. Waiting for the nugs to start filling out now. Tri's are all clear. Buds and leaves are frosting up nicely as well. Drooling more and more each day, super excited for this smoke!! Otherwise it was not an eventful week at all on the growing side, just letting her do her thing and trying my best to keep her well fed and happy. Happy growing all.
  8. Hi All, apologies for no update as yet. Will send an update this afternoon.
  9. Week 17 What lies beneath Been a relatively easy going week but have started to notice the temps rising pretty drastically in the last few days, been rather warm in Joburg. She is becoming nice and bushy now with tight dank buds hugging the main stem, few pistils turning colour but still long way to go on the majority. Looking at the top view you would never think so much is happening beneath. I should get one HUGE cola with a couple nice size nugs one the outsides. Happy growing. P.S - What are the feelings on defoliating during flower?
  10. Week 16 Progress coming along, buds starting to fatten up nicely and starting to get super frosty. Her aroma is also starting to flood my entire room which the misses is really loving..... not.. 😉 Have a close look at the first pic and see the unicorn. That weird bud leaf is also getting bigger, I think it will fall off in a couple weeks to come tho, lol. This is going to be a race to the finish and I am really hoping I can make the cut off, next few week will be the decider. Happy Growing and good luck to everyone else.
  11. Watsup @PsyCLown lilttle update from my previous comment.... I also have bud popping outta my leaves. LOLOLOL Your plant looking good there my brudha.
  12. Week 14 Just a quick update on the young ladies progress. I will do a more detailed update next week. Buds are really starting to pop now, Tri's are also starting to get ridiculous and starting to cover the leaves. This lady is going to be thick and juicy if she carries on like this. Love and behold..... all this talk of a unicorn has really paid off, i have buds starting to pop in the middle of actual leaves, never seen this before throughout all my grows. Happy growing
  13. Watsup, looking good there bro. You a little ahead of me but I also have a mutated leaf. Hope mine also starts pushing head. Lol.
  14. Week 13 - Introducing..... Sheila I have hand picked this young lady to carry us home. My decision was between plants number 3 and 5. Was a tough decision but my gut went with number 5..... now known as Shiela. I have given her a light defoliation and have started to add a very small extra amount of Potassium and she is loving it, along with other home made recipes. P.s - note the strange pheno with the leaf, luck would have it I had a sleeping unicorn.. who would have thought. 😉 If everything stays on track I am looking forward to the next phase. Happy growing all.
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