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  1. PHVZ

    Is this normal

    Here is one of my plants now 4 weeks into flower
  2. PHVZ

    Is this normal

    Thanks for your help it really did work!
  3. It was grown outdoor in a diy greenhouse. Also it is a photo period seed.
  4. Hi i am asking this question on behalf of another grower, he planted a seed and forgot about the plant. And with all the rain we got recently, amazingly the plant grew and flowered without much attention from him. He didn't see when the plant started flowering,but has sent me photos of the buds. Can someone please advise me on wheter they think the buds are ready or not. Help will be appreciated.
  5. PHVZ

    Is this normal

    Thanks for the help.
  6. PHVZ

    Is this normal

    Thank you very much. What would you recommend. Coco and perlite?
  7. PHVZ

    Is this normal

    It is in direct sunlight for most of the day. The soil that I use is professional potting mix from culterra.
  8. PHVZ

    Is this normal

    Hi there I am busy with my first legal outdoor grow and it feels like my plants are growing very slowly. I germinated my seeds at the end of november so the plants are about 6 weeks old now. But they are only about 12 cm tall. I just want to know if this is normal? All my previous grows were a lot bigger than this by week 6. I attached a photo of one of my plants. I just watered my plants that is why the soil looks so wet. But I try not to overwater them. Thanks in advance for the help PHVZ
  9. Hi I am a new member to this forum and wish to learn a lot from more experienced growers than myself. I am currently busy with my first legal outdoor grow and would like to use this forum to help educate myself with help from fellow growers. Good day to all PHVZ.
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