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  1. Day 75 - 21/08 / Day 25 Flower As Admin said I will be away for a bit, but I might have a chance to post one or two update of the plants, it might just not be the same quality and diversity of pictures. Here is one last update before I go. The One : The Other:
  2. @The Green Garden Goblin Thanks a lot man ! Really appreciate the kind words 👍
  3. Day 71 - 17/08 / Day 21 Flower Not much has been done. I did do a bit of a defoliation. But thats about it. I don't think I mentioned it before but environment is the following : Day : 24-26.5°c and 55-59%RH Night : 19-21°c and 50-56%RH The one: And the other : BTW, she is in-between a 600HPS and a 480QB LED in this order. You can clearly see which light she prefers.(LED)
  4. @Dank thanks a lot brother ! I have to give a lot of credit to my camera though , its a canon 80d with 18-135 lens. Helps a lot 😁
  5. Day 69 - 15/08 / Day 19 Flower Full moon update. Plants are doing alright, still stretching a little. First sign of frost appeared a few days ago. They received a nice aerated compost tea full of goodness this morning. Its always amazing to see how they react to the moon when fed on the day. I might have been sceptical at first, but getting to know her I am really enjoying the character and shapes. And she is pretty easy too. Looking forward to see how she blooms ! Here is the one: x And the other one : The family :
  6. Day 64 - 10/08 / Day 14 Flower Absolutely nothing has happened over the last 3 days, they are just left alone to do their thing. Most branches are still growing opposite nodes or only slightly alternated as you can see. The Choosen : The other lady: Now VS 3 days ago , You can see the stretch happening. Here are all the neighbours around the Chocolope, I'm sure you'll be able to spot them.
  7. Day 61 - 07/08 / Day 11 Flower I will try to update twice a week from now on during the first 3 weeks of flower at least, hopefully that can give you all a good preview of how the Kush phone does in early flower. I am starting to regret not picking the other girl as I think with the manifold training she will have a very pretty structure. Lots of those extra leaflet on the leaf showing up which if I understand correctly means it is the Kush leaning pheno. The Trifoliate has only seen water and one AACT so far and is hooked with blunt, the other one has had various microbial inoculant and some humic/fulvic given during various watering, she is also on the outskirt of the main plants and is receiving far less light and a little more of the HPS situated next to her, she is basically in-between a HPS and a LED QB. I don't think it is required to update all plants after selection but if it's okay with admin I'll update both as it is a nice comparaison. The Chosen: The Other:
  8. @Totemic First as in this grow-off or for this particular cross across all boards ? Either way pretty cool
  9. Day 57 - 03/08 / Day 7 Flower Alright alright alright ! The have shown their sex and The chosen one has been picked. To answer @YourStonedBuddy all 3 plants are in different size pot but all in the same soil, Organics Matter (and the experimental batches, so not even close to whats on the market now) and it is the second cycle for all 3 pots, a 20, 30 and 40L. @PsyCLown yeah its 20,30 and 40. the tallest stands at 30cm , the other 2 at 18cm. They are indeed very bushy, I have noticed that my QB produces super stacked and bushy growth in veg, unlike a MH or HPS . A few weeks back I lost a Crystal Meth Auto seedling in one of my 40L blumat pots, not too sure what to replace it with I pondered on it for a while and suddenly decided to transplant the trifoliate Chocolate in there... After doing so I looked at it and thought "You Idiot !!" , I mean what if she is a male ? or what if she was not the chosen one... I'd just end up with an empty spot or a waste of blumats. I even wrote "stupid" in the journal next to transplant. But it all turned out alright as she is a girl, super healthy and my chosen one. I got damn lucky ! The other 2 turned out as 1 male and 1 female. I will be turning the on male into a Fermented Plant Juice for this season so that I can feed it back to his sisters ... Forced cannibalism, Diabolical! The other female will hang in the flower room on the side and do what she can with what she gets. All plants are still getting water only and a few foliar feeds with aloe or knf. The difference between the blunt and hand water is pretty huge! Sure they are in different size pots but still, the general appearance is a lot healthier on the automatic watering side. Here is the male : The females : And The Chosen : Cheers
  10. All the product you mentioned are great especially AQ, but if they do not work there might be an underlying cause, which usually is related to your VPD. PM loves low VPD and thrives in those conditions, try and raise it, especially at night (Lower humidity and raise temp a bit) and look for improvements. Low VPD is the silent killer when it comes to PM I believe. Hopefully you can win you battle.
  11. Out of space, only room I have left is in the flower tent so in they go. I also cloned them so I will maybe do a longer run depending how they turn out. Thanks a lot man, they appreciate the compliment. Yeah but its okay I am keen to see them bloom. Yeah I hope I can give you guys valuable info. Thanks for the follow. Yeah they are starting to show some pre flowers, I will upload some picture, looks like they are all female but I need to have a proper look. Yeah it will be interesting to see different all the various length of veg and what they accomplish. Thanks! Yeah let's see, I hope they are not hectic stretcher. Good luck with your training.
  12. Day 50 - 27/07 - Day 1 Flower. One of the 3 plants is joked up with blumats, I think the difference is getting pretty obvious by now. Automatic irrigation for the win ! First day of flowering for the plants, I would have liked to veg them a bit longer but I just don't have any other space in the veg tent. The Mutant is going to be 2 main colas and 3 secondary on each side. The whorled Phyllotaxy is completely established and look like it here to stay, which is pretty awesome. The other 2 mainlined one are taking shape but the take a bit longer due to all the pruning and trimming.
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