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  1. Day 125 - 10/10 / Day 74 Flower (Week 11) Still some very decent swelling happened over the last week, but it looks like it has come to a stop. Trichomes are looking ripe, they will be taken down in the next few days.
  2. Once Upon A Time... Crazy to think such small organism will develop into such magnificent beings.
  3. @PsyCLown Thanks. Yeah they are not really filling up. I did flower them maybe a tad early. @YourStonedBuddy Thanks bro !! Yeah that blumat one really is the champ. @Aeradix Yeah man I am also puzzled, and even now I am about to chop and she is still dark dark green.
  4. Looking stellar ! Yeah mine was a bit of a procrastinator, she put on most of her weight in week 9-10. But as you said, she didn't look like she was a big yielder but suddenly she just fattens up nicely. The fade is lovely !
  5. Day 119 - 04/10 / Day 68 Flower (Week 10) Looking good, they are almost done. The Blumat one is nice and chunky and pretty dense whereas the hand watered one is much skinnier and not as chunky or frosty but still very dense and heavy for such small nugs. The hand watered one is putting on a nice fade but a lot of the yellowing is due to me being very slack with her watering. She was really growing in a slight drought conditions the whole time... The smell isn't all that strong compared to other plants in the room but once you put your nose on the flower you really get a feel, reminds me of an other chocolate I grew. They still need a few days to a week max I'd say. The Blumat:
  6. Oh I forgot , they also both got quite a few times watering with aloe vera and/or arborescence.
  7. @PsyCLown Not exactly , the hand watered one had more nutrient than the rest if anything. The blumat one really only had 2 or 3 bokashi/malted barley application, 2 compost teas and a handful of KNF watering. The Handwatered one had same as above with extra KNF watering, Explogrow and 2 watering with enhancer from Greenhouse feed which is mostly humic/fulvic with trichoderma, bacillus subtilis, Kelp and some carbohydrates + amino acids. So all and all the hand watered had more nutrients than the blumat. I wonder if the difference in fade is genetics or the fact that one was automated and the other hand watered.
  8. Day 110 - 25/09 / Day 59 Flower (Week 9). Quick night update. I will do a day update tomorrow as well. The one hooked to blunt is still deep dark green and really swelling well, the hand watered on on the other hand is going through a gorgeous fade but is not swelling as much. The Blumat : The Hand watered :
  9. Day 105 - 20/09 / Day 54 Flower (Week 8). It is slowly coming to an end. I have given them both some water with fresh aloe mixed in. But otherwise they are just doing their thing. Buds are starting to fatten up. The smell is nothing too crazy so far, but it is hard to tell through the cocktail of smells going around in the tent. The flowers themselves have a mild earthy smell so far. She also has a some pretty curls and shapes. I quite like that, she hold herself nicely. The Blumat one: The hand watered one:
  10. Hey guys I know my update is a little late, I apologise. I just blocked my back and its pretty painful. I will try to update by tonight. Sorry about the delay.
  11. @PsyCLown Thanks. Yea usually if I amended my soil right it goes fine. I do give them Bokashi and malted barley from times to time as a top dress, maybe 2-3 times during the grow, and cut leaves are used as mulch, so there is some sort a small nutrient cycle happening. For the light tips, which is something I get a quite often indoor, as far as I am concerned it is bad watering practices and/or unbalanced environment and is not nutrient related. She has been given slightly irregular watering and sometimes got a little too dry for comfort. They also went through a patch where humidity was too high where they might have had a hard time transpiring properly and burnt their tips a bit. But always keen to hear other theories if someone encounters this similar issue.
  12. The painted nails on the first picture holding the seeds.
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