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    Super silver haze up next
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    Amended Freedom farms premium soil
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    Small tent (180*180*200) in line duct fan, 1000w led
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    Nutriplex at the moment
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    Joint or bong

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  1. So I've noticed from my photos that my plants leaf shape has changed during the flowering stage, I'm growing a seed of unknown genetics which looked like indica during veg but the leaves have thinned and now look more like sativa. Any thoughts? Flowering day 1 vs 1.5 weeks
  2. Damo


    @SkunkPharm, thanks bro, will hit you up when I need to pick your brain
  3. Damo


    I'm in kzn, got my deliveries quickly with everything exactly as expected and they emailed to check everything was in order. Thumbs up for green thumbs
  4. I got 2 from takealot, 135 each, not oscillating but they work for my small tent
  5. Damo


    Im a first time grower looking to connect with like minded people and possibly get advice from experienced members
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