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    The Church
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    Super Lemon Haze
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    180cm x 80cm x 180cm tent. 45L reservoir with air and water pump. 6inch cooltube with 400w MH/HPS. 6inch centrifugal fan for exhaust. 30cm desk fan for circulation.
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    The easy kind. I use a store bought premix.
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    Variety is the spice of life.

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  1. Hydroponic.co.za Hydroherbafrica Gthydro.co.za Aeradix Probably a few others around as well.
  2. Dope_Boy26 is my PSN ID. Always looking for squad mates for BFV.
  3. Cities skylines is cool but gets a bit monotonous after a while. Would have been great if it had a multi-player mode.
  4. So how much is actually safe to store for personal use without running the risk of being considered a dealer.
  5. Finance, debtors and collections management specifically. Would love to be full time in the bud business. Keen to see developments over the next year or two and what business(legal) opportunities arise.
  6. Anyone know where I can get one of those small oscillating clip fans in CPT or local online stores? Been looking online for some time now. No luck.
  7. I've got one of those R850 hydro systems. It was my first ever so can't compare it to anything but i found it straight forward and easy to use for the most part. My only criticism is that the reservoir (45L) may be just a tad bit too big. I found it difficult when cleaning it and changing the water, especially in flower when the plant got bigger. If you go this route I would suggest getting a second reservoir to make cleaning the container and changing the water easier. Unless someone can recommend an easier way. I also found that having two plants going in that setup at the same time was way more effort. The root balls were massive and I ended up having to add water every day in the later stages. Currently I have one plant going and it's way more manageable in that reservoir. Not using as much water etc. All that being said I still consider myself a noob so perhaps I was just doing it stupid.
  8. Was thinking of using a biltong/food dehydrator for the drying process. Just without the light, keep the fan running and cover the sides so no light gets in. Sound feasible?
  9. What bank is the middle one? Can't see any domain or name there and don't know the logo.
  10. Hey guys. Been smoking on and off for 15 years or so and growing on and off for 2 or so years. Still have plenty to learn. Looking to grow much more and with more freedom with recent developments. Cheers
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