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    Bud rot/mold

    Thanks for the advice, I will implement at least the first two for the next grow!
  2. wizardshat

    Bud rot/mold

    Thanks for the comments everyone, I tossed all the bud -- better to be safe than sorry. Time to start planning the next grow better!
  3. wizardshat

    Bud rot/mold

    With all this rain we have been having lately (in Gauteng at least), my autos developed some bud rot. They were a week or so from harvest, and while checking trichome colour I noticed a brown sugar leaf. Pulled the leaf and it came right off. Upon further inspection I found more brown rot deeper in the bud. It seems that, with all the rain, bud rot set in. I cut the plants and managed to rescue a few buds that had no brown rot on them and chucked the rest, but I think I will just chuck the buds anyway since I am a bit worried about smoking potentially moldy weed. What does everyone else do with an outdoor grow to prevent bud rot? I think next time I'll plant some bag seed, I suspect the issue may have stemmed from the denseness of the buds.
  4. wizardshat

    1st CBD autogrow

    I am also growing H24 CBD from Pachamama, I'm keen to see how yours will turn out!
  5. Has anyone heard when the con-court judgment will be released?
  6. wizardshat

    Tenacious D

    Has anyone else watched the Getting Doug with High episode with Jack Black? Was one of the better episodes!
  7. wizardshat

    Noob greetings

    Well I am Wizard's hat (hopefully not to be confused with wizard shat...) I love gardening and growing the more unusual plants in general but I am a total noob w.r.t. the herb most love here! The trial of the plant really captured my imagination and now I have found myself here. I look forward to the day when (hopefully) we can all pop down to the local builders warehouse and pick up some seedlings and soil mix
  8. wizardshat

    What else are you growing?

    Hi wizardshat, please introduce yourself. Okay on it!
  9. wizardshat

    What else are you growing?

    I've got some gorgeous Bhut Jolokia (Ghost chilli) plants on the go at the moment, they are only starting to flower now though. I also have some Carolina Reaper seedlings but they are still tiny. Anyone else growing chillies?