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Yocan Blade Dab Tool Giveaway

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The Yocan Blade Hot Knife Giveaway is now officially launched! When we learned that many fans are in urgent need of a high-quality dab tool as a tool for processing wax! Yocan decided to hold this giveaway event – Yocan Blade Dab Tool Giveaway, to give back to our fans!

Features and Uses of Yocan Blade Dab Tool

The Yocan Blade hot knife for dabbing stands out for its advanced heating technology and stylish appearance with ergonomic design. It provides a convenient, efficient and precise way to extract concentrates. The importance of this device lies in its ability to enhance the dabbing experience, making dabbing more efficient and faster. The Blade heated dabbing tool is perfect for dabbing enthusiasts. Concentrates are often very viscous and difficult to fit into a dabbing device. Using the Blade ceramic hot knife applicator can help consumers dispense concentrates quickly and accurately, reduce concentrate waste, and help consumers save on dabbing costs. Here are the specifications and benefits of the Yocan Blade dab tool, For more information, click on the Yocan manual.

Fast Heat Up

Easy to Clean

Replaceable Ceramic Hot Knife

Type-C Charging Port

Simple One Button Design

Battery: 400mAh

3 Power Settings: 3.0V-3.6V-4.2V

Switch Temp Setting: 2 Clicks

15s Cut-off Protection

Yocan Blade Giveaway Event Content

Event Rules: The top ten lucky winners with the highest scores will be selected in this event, and each of them will receive a Yocan Blade. Fans in need need to complete the daily event content to get higher points.Event Time: June 4, 2024 – June 14, 2024
Number of Winners: 10

Yocan Sweepstakes Winning Guide

There are many ways to participate, including through email, social media, etc. If you want to be one of the 10 winners, please actively complete the tasks in Gleam every day to earn more bonus points. As you complete each day’s activities, the bonus points will continue to accumulate. The top 10 with the highest points will receive the above prizes.
Tip: Activities with higher points are the key to winning prizes. Yocan welcomes newcomers to participate in the event. If there is someone around you who needs to participate, please share this event with him. Looking forward to your interaction with Yocan! If you have any suggestions for this event or have more Yocan products you want for the next event, please log in to the official website Yocan.com and leave us a message.

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