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Any people here interested in distilling moonshine. During lockdown we started a local guild for our distillers in town and already had our first live run. I have been making beer and liquor for several years now and recently upgraded to a 100 litre copper pot still that makes fairly decent liquor. A couple questions for someone that has experience:

What is the best way to get the best flavour from what you put in. I am currently making a pineapple mash and was told to chuck in some fresh pineapple to get the best flavours?

I have a fairly big competition coming up and competing against 4 other hobbyists, want to knock them out the park. Any suggestions for something simple, effective and with decent alcohol volume. My last one was measured at about 35% - 40% and would like to get it up to about 45%, any suggestions?  One of best comments aimed at me was: " My urine sample has more alcohol than your mango juice". 😂The other guys and gals are hitting over 60%. Quite excited too as we breaking the virgin of a newly developed 300 litre copper still in a couple weeks. 



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