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Juicing cannabis

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Hello all


I found some interesting reads on juicing cannabis as part of a health/ disease treatment and prevention programme.


I'm guessing no one on this forum needs convincing about the wonders of cannabis but as in my case, family members who could really benefit from the plant are not very informed.


Anyway here's a link to a basic article on juicing. And then another link to a tasty recipe. Raw cannabis juice is pretty bitter by itself.




Super yummy recipe



Enjoy and be Healthy



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Good content and nice articles. For anyone who is interested juicing cannabis is brilliant for the body. Dr Ben Dlamini taught me this many moons ago. The eSwatini activist swears that steeping one leaf in hot water is what kept him so healthy in life. It is delicious, earthy and refreshing. My chicken loves adding weed leaves to smoothies. Always delicious smoothies, mix with whatever fruit, veggies we have. Something that is fairly hard to find is shelled hemp seeds, but when you do, you wonder why its not a staple meal. You can throw these seeds on anything, in anything or just eat raw.

Actually was chatting to a man close to me just the other day, talking about cannabis and looking at his plants. Quickly whipped up some hemp milk for him from hulled hemp seeds. Just add water, blend. Viola.

Did you know cannabis seeds are the most nutritious seed in the world? It beats flax by miles.

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