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  • Birthday 04/13/1993

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  • Current strains growing
    Critical Purple Kush, Amnesia, Charlotte's Angel, R4 and others
  • Preferred growing medium or system
    Soil for some, Hydro for others
  • Preferred Lighting
    LED and Natural
  • Favourite Strains
    All time? Has to be the Temple Balls I had in Nepal!!
  • Grow Room Setup
    Pay me a visit and have a look :)
  • Preferred Nutrients
    Personal proprietary mixtures
  • Indoor or Outdoor
  • Preferred Medicating Methods
    So many ways. Bong, edible, topical, sublingual - we live in a great time

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    "Nature is the shape in which the man of higher Cultures synthesizes and interprets the immediate impressions of his senses. History is that from which his imagination seeks comprehension of the living existence of the world in relation to his own life, which he thereby invests with a deeper reality."

    Welcome Traveller,

    Grab a cup of my famous Canna-Cream Tea and have a seat, we have much to discuss.


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