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    All time? Has to be the Temple Balls I had in Nepal!!
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    Pay me a visit and have a look :)
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    So many ways. Bong, edible, topical, sublingual - we live in a great time

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    "Nature is the shape in which the man of higher Cultures synthesizes and interprets the immediate impressions of his senses. History is that from which his imagination seeks comprehension of the living existence of the world in relation to his own life, which he thereby invests with a deeper reality."

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    Grab a cup of my famous Canna-Cream Tea and have a seat, we have much to discuss.


  2. *knods head, wanting to do a cool shake but don't know how to look cool, so going with the social distancing excuse 😉 Howsit 420SA, I'm not at all new to the community, but fresh on this forum, and after posting my initial introduction I thought I'd drop a topic into General Discussion to get my social wheels rolling. What I would like to present to you is something my mates and I have always referred to as the 'God Reality', and although admittedly it's more impactful when you're a bit out of yourself, I believe it warrants some open minded thought under any conditions. The theory goes that a massive majority of those whom have been on prominent psychedelic trips, especially those who are more experienced in them, and particularly those able to (or believing themselves to be able to) cross dimensions seem to have a few fundamental truths in common: They encounter a being or beings, very often referred to as The Mechanical Elves, but also as angels, demons, spirits, or even "aliens" (I don't believe they have any specific form, and I myself experience them as vibrational geometric beings) and report having truths unkown to them otherwise revealed or witnessing events / matter not available to them under different circumstances. (Quick Google search will provide much deeper insight) They report great revelations of their true core identity's existence, of the physical world around them, and our place in this ever expanding dimension, very, very often reporting the same foundational structure (or lack thereof) across borders, socio-economic classes and time itself throughout history. And by far most importantly, that this, everything around you, is irrelevant. That this is the illusion (what some mistake as the simulation). That everything you have ever thought, experienced, stressed over or obsessed about is redundant. That this dimension is but a microscopic drop in the true reality. All of this will end, but you, the real you will not. That brings us to the potential tragic truth, that if it is indeed so, we are being deprived of, robbed of participating in and having an awareness of true existence. And before anyone says it, no, I am not advocating a permanent state of intoxication. These levels of transcendence are attainable through very trained and particular breathing, yoga, meditation, astral projection and more, and the physical would not be if it did not have it's place and purpose in this grander scheme. Going deeper, we all realize that things are hidden from the general population - this is a truth. But what if it goes further than just "those in the know, knowing"? What if this knowledge (the translation of occult is "hidden from the eye") is purposefully suppressed and only shared, integrated and developed within the ruling elite? This would make allot of sense in regards to private societies preserving this knowledge for future generations of those deemed worthy of such enlightenment. (Yes, I am an English Constitution Freemason. No, I have not ascended to a degree or order even slightly alluding to this, and no researching and talking about this theory does not conflict with the Inner Guard's heeding). It's a really interesting thing to play with in the back of your mind, and there are so many bits and bobs you can connect to it and dissect, from the use of hallucinogens throughout religion and folklore, to this being the real reason we don't have safe, controlled psychedelic centers available, to the prohibition of cannabis and ketamine being smoke and mirrors for the true prohibition of these chemicals, to the "hush-hush" culture of today and an endless possibility of others. So, that's my first contribution. I sincerely hope it's coherent enough, I decided to take 10 minutes to type this out while waiting for my lunch to be delivered. Love and Respect, WolfHaze
  3. Greetings to everyone on the forum, or at the very least to those reading this post, I'm not going to write up an entire essay on myself as chances are I'll be repeating some of it more than once in the future, of experience presents us with any evidence. What I will divulge is that I go by the pseudonym Wolf in certain circles and the psedonym Haze in certain others. In fact, I will bet crop on it that some of you on this forum will recognize me as Haze quite quickly. I hence decided to present myself as WolfHaze and offer myself in entirety to the forum. Been in the cannabis industry for 12 years now. In fact, I was one of the original cannabis oils / capsules / balms etc mainstream commercial producers in South Africa. National presence, with health shops as stockists and agents in every province. Long, long before there were 30 or 40 good looking websites to choose from, I ran one of the OG professional looking, medicinal use visitor friendly online stores. I'm not mentioning this for clout, but rather simply to avoid having to bring it up later to explain my background for a topic or opinion's context. Other than that the only other intel I feel is of interest right now is that I'm your standard late 20s South African gent, trying to live my best life, ever incorporating the helping hand of endocannabinoid therapy in various forms through it all. If there's anything else, remember children, you will never know if you don't ask! Unless you're an investigative journalist, then stay away, please. WolfHaze
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