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  1. they are pretty nice and firm but not rock solid
  2. i planted these 2 plants around august last year, these 2 are my females and they are in week 8 of budding just need a second opinion if you think they are ready to harvest, (recently the leaves near the bottom of the plant have begun to shrivel up and get crispy and die i was told this was one of the signs she is ready to harvest.) any and all opinions welcome 🙏 plant 1: plant 2:
  3. one more thing if the temp stays at around 24-25C how long would you estimate i dry it in there for?
  4. ok thanks will keep you posted on my progress
  5. thats my problem ive been monitoring the temps in there for the last couple of days and it usually reaches around 24.9C. if i were to place a fan in there aswell would that help or counteract the high temps? (also its a double garage with tin roof but we hardly ever open it during the day so it might get too hot)
  6. my first harvest is nearly ready for drying now i know exactly what and how to do everything but i have 1 small problem, the only place that i can dry my weed is in the garage hung from the rafters but during the day the temperatures get to 23C in the afternoon and in the garage its not much cooler anyone have any suggestions or alternative i would appreciate the help
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