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  1. Awe, thanks guys 🔥
  2. Thanks for the warm welcome bud. I'm growing indoor at the moment but keen to get some outdoor going next season. Running a small perpetual setup using coco/perlite. Just finished up a harvest of Runtz Muffin and Blue Cheese, Runtz Muffin came out really nice. I'll add some pics. Currently day 11 of my next flower run which is Slurricane 9, Queen Anne's Revenge and Forbidos. Want to do a few runs with these to try get the best out of them. Got in clones of PuTang and Platinum Gorilla the other day to add to the run after this. 😄
  3. Hey what's up guys, Stumbled across the forum this morning and it looks a really rad community. Stoked to have joined and hope to become a part of it. 💪🏻 Big fan of growing and consuming the herb and spend most of my free time doing exactly that. Lekker ✊🏻
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