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  1. The White. It is classic and, in my opinion, the best CBG strain. It has more CBD than THC, which is a good plant for relieving stress. Sometimes I can smoke a joint made from this plant after work to relax a little bit. I also use some New Year: 2022's Top 5 CBD Softgel Brands. They are also helping a lot with relieving stress. Sometimes I don't want to smoke, so it is a good alternative to getting the CBD you need without affecting your lungs. It is less effective, but at least it is considerably healthier.
  2. Growing mango might catch you a bit off guard at first, as it seems like the plants aren’t growing at all. I was initially afraid that my plant was dead and that I was doing something wrong, maybe there was not enough light. While they start off slow, buds eventually reach the size of softballs and can become very heavy for unsupported branches. Actually, expect a high yield after 8–11 weeks, and grow the plants inside or outside as mango grows nicely anywhere. And while you're waiting for your harvest, try to get high on the next best thing. You have to try THC gummies and chocolate chip cookies with ganja, it's absolute paradise!
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