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  1. Have been looking at a 2.4 x 1.2 tent run with four 240w QBs or two 420w LEDs. I plan on using a standard inline axial 6" fan with ducting going into the ceiling for the exhaust system. I would like to know at what point, if ever, an intake fan is necessary or can I rely on the on passive intake? Also, I recently moved to a much more humid and damp climate, I have been battling with white mold for my outdoor plants (especially approaching harvest time sadge), feeling forced to harvest slightly prematurely to avoid looming budrot. Do you think I would I encounter the same problems with an indoo
  2. @PsyCLown Thank you again for the advice, I had mistakenly thought that having an 'open air' smaller grow space in a bigger room would mean that I wouldn't need an exhaust system. But if one is necessary anyway, its looking more and more like I'll have to admit my mistake of painting the room and get a tent. Anyway, feeling a lot more informed on whatever route I decide to take. Much, much appreciation!
  3. Oh, btw I think I should make it clear that ceiling of the room is pretty high, the two sort of half walls in the corner i want o put in are just there to capture more light refraction and to have a clear grow space boundary.
  4. @GGG& @PsyCLown Thank you for the responses, the idea for the partitioning is that the whole room is already painted in flat white paint that is quite reflective already I believe and then I just wanted the extra reflectivity of mylar for the partitioned corner (I will also put mylar all the way to the ceiling of the original walled sides of the corner) and still be able to access the plants fairly easily and have easy circulation. If it is gonna make a big difference I guess I should raise the partition higher but then, I suppose, I would need to make a little door. With regard to light p
  5. Hello beautiful people, I am a first time time indoor grower and after hours of research am still a little overwhelmed by all the lighting options. I have a 2.8 x 3.2m room which I have painted with flat white paint and plan on partitioning a 1.5 x 2.0m corner with roughly 1 meter high plywood and coating the interior with mylar to use as the grow space. I was just in the process of ordering some lights (2 x 4bar 240w LED lights) from onlinegrowshop.co.za but decided to check some reviews before I forked out the dough, and I was lucky enough to stumble into one of the forums of this websi
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