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  1. Ja its the Modugrow 120w. The other is a normal LED floodlight. Want to get another Modugrow in the future and link them up. @TheUltimateNoob your write-up helped me decide on this light, so, thanks man 👍
  2. Relatively new grower here, busy with my 4th grow. My first grow started Dec 2019 and harvest around April 2020 (made lockdown a lot more bearable!). I immediately followed with the second grow and both the first and the second were quite successful considering my limited experience and equipment. We still have some left of those harvests. Both growths were in 2 space boxes, one with 90w CFLs, and the other a 100w general LED floodlight; nursery potting soil, Nutrasol and some good old Eastern Cape bag seed. Grew like a charm with minimal setbacks. The boxes look like this:
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