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  1. Thanks and you're correct. Doesn't get too hot Had a heater on during winter actually, because it wasn't hot enough in the tent Timer regulated that nicely.
  2. Kinda not for now. Had a very decent yield. Can't have more than what's currently drying and curing, so it's going to be standing idle for quite some time. Seems like a waste if someone can rather use it. I have a second, smaller setup for one or two plants.
  3. Ninja Grow tent is in excellent condition. Floor space is 1.4m2 and 2m in height. Only used for 8 months. Finether grow tent is in excellent condition. Floor space is 80 x 80 and 160 in height. Only used for 6 weeks. Comes with the following: HT 150 inline fan Matching carbon filter 630 watt cmh electronic grow light Ducting, normal fans and heater also included Timer Thermostat Whatsapp on 0836527297
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    Hi everyone Looking forward to meeting everyone. 👍
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