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  1. agreed yeah. thanx for input. 😀
  2. @afternoon blazer if I'm not mistaken let's say the 727umol claim is correct, quick mafs (727x60x60x12=31406400 / 1000000=31 Mol per 12 hours) should this not be adequate for a 1x1m tent then? plan for the tent is to scrog, so figured before I invest in real top of the range boards il play with something that is adequate enough to complete a grow on a small scale, play with scrog method and if it's a hit, il then stick to it. I'm new to any indoor type of grow so please excuse all the questions regards
  3. thanks for recommending gents. will give them a gander. does anyone know about a company called "custom grow lights" on fb there are few reviews and we'll it's hard to tell if the plants that are in the reviews are auto's or photo's. I mean autos will grow with a freakin torch light. lol. so it's hard to gage if the boards itself are worth their salt. not knocking the dude down just honest consumer criticism and reviews and opinions will be appreciated. see spec sheet of the 150w board.
  4. yo Budding tons. lol newb grower. can someone please point me in the direction of local LED builds with great reviews and workmanship. I know growopz is one but there are a few others in our country that do the same, basically I'm wanting to avoid buying alibaba produced parts that are just then put together in SA.
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