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  1. Thanks @StickyD420 appreciate it bud!
  2. Yo peeps shot for the advice, I waited patiently and added more water in the circle. The little dude has shot up straight and popped out a few more leaves. Looking good, iv just watered in the circle again, so looking sharp... One more question though when do I know that I need to add molasses?
  3. Ah I see, thanks for the advice ill give it a go Makes sense, I just checked it now, its bone dry
  4. big pleasure bro, good laugh 😆
  5. Ok cool will do, I see the top few cm are dry but the moisture monitor thingy says its moist a bit lower down 20L pot
  6. Reset button, also known as a good blunt 👌
  7. This is awesome lol thanks man good idea!
  8. ah great thanks for that! really appreciate the feedback Ill stop being so paranoid lol
  9. Thanks Bospatrollie2, appreciate the feedback! have a good one
  10. this is the other one, same age
  11. hi peeps I'm sure this isn't anything to worry a out but I just want to check, as a new (very new) grower. This is a Apple Sundae strain which is bending at the stem, but the leaves are still growing and pointing up right, using a T5 about 10cm away from the plant, not stretching just bending. Any idea why this happens? Plant is 2 weeks old and the stem is about 2cm-3cm. I'm a bit worried about it as the other plant growing is exactly the same age but twice the size and growing strong and straight up, blueberry CBD. ill add a pic of that one in a comment Any thoughts, greatly appreciated 🙏 Am I just a worried new parent lol
  12. Thanks for the info, will check if they have the ones I'm looking for. Appreciate the info gents
  13. Great thanks ill give them a go Shot for the input guys, much appreciated 👍
  14. Hey bro, I have a stupid question, sorry im new. I see trophyseeds sell the seeds as single seeds, and their prices are quite high, but what happens if they dont germinate or its a dud or something? Or are they guaranteed to grow thats why they're in singles and quite pricey?
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