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  1. Full grow set up for sale, used for two grows. Set up includes: 1m × 1m grow tent 4 Inch Mixed Flow In-line Fan (straps + 3D printed cover) - unused Non-insulated Air Ducting Hydrodepot LED Grow Light Panel Clip on USB Grow light (bought as a solution for loadshedding) 6 inch Grip Clip Fan - unused 4 × bug barriers & pipes for vents Ultrasonic humidifier - unused "Power wall" - 1 × 3m extension cord, 2 × multiplugs, 3 x timer plugs, removable stand for heating mat 3 × adjustable clips Drying net Water piping, taps, connectors, drippers Heating mat - unused Starter trays & incubator (with jiffy pellets) - unused 5 × console storage jars 5 × used Freedom Grow Bags Shears Universal ClipType LED Cellphone Microscope Opened Formula 1 craft soil bag Palm Peat block Perlite OCB & One Love rolling paper + filters
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