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  1. - Description: 20 litre rotary evaporator for sale. - Brand: Lanphan R1020 (www.lanphan.com/RotaryEvaporator/655.mhtml) - History: Approximately 30 hours of previous runtime. - Landed cost is approximately R200k. Local SA supplier is advertising in range of R250k+ (backorder). - Product specs: 20L rotary flask, 10L receiving flask, total power consumption of approx. 6.5KW (including vacuum pump & chiller). - The sale includes the pump & chiller. - Reason for selling: intended application is not viable with this method of extraction. Rather, this product is ideal for CBD oil extraction, and other extractions involving solvent use such as ethanol, etc. - Heated bath suitable for water or oil and is electronically lifted. - Vacuum pump uses water-based venturi technology which eliminates the risk of ignition in the event of any excess gas entering the vacuum system. Overview - The vacuum pump allows the user to extract the solvent at temperatures below the boiling point in order to not damage the oils/extractants desired (e.g., ethanol boils at around 78 degrees but evaporation can be conducted at 30-40 degrees and protect overheating of the oils). The rotating flask has a variable 30-120 RPM function. The power is single phase which is suitable for home/small-plant plug and play. The machinery is currently in storage but is in sound working condition. This 20L setup is ideal for improved scale production for small-scale producers or as a pilot plant for more intense R&D purposes.
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